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EBS Disabled Single Mother Seeks Grant Money For Tropical Flower Business

by Geneva
(Reno, Nevada, USA)

My name is Geneva and I am a single 32-year-old disabled mother of three. I own a business that is currently non-producing and I'm looking for government grant money or other help to establish a business with better potential.

The name of my disability is Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex (EBS) this is a genetic skin disorder that is passed from generation to generation characterized clinically by blister formation from mechanical trauma which is extremely painful.

Everyday walking causes blisters, great pain and infection. Out of three of my children two of them were born with the same disability that I have. Currently, there is no cure for EB.

I started college because the school I went to accommodated me with a shuttle bus and classes being only one floor the walking was bearable.

I took some prerequisite classes and Small Business Accounting A and B while volunteering my time in an accounting office.

Processing accounts all day on a keyboard caused my hands to blister so I passed on my accounting classes and veered away from becoming a CPA. I focused more on finishing my prerequisite classes.

At the same time, I applied for and received SSI, SSDI for my EBS, all while being a single mother.

Having a second child with EB brought my schooling to a standstill so that I could learn to deal with my child’s EB.

This persuaded me to get a private contracting license working from my home in Network Marketing. I built teams and sold products like Dish Network and Verizon, just to mention a few.

I made a small amount of income, although not enough to get me off the SSI/SSDI but I was able to learn all different forms of marketing.

I expanded my knowledge in entrepreneurship, increased my financial IQ and as a result came into my next venture in life, while at the same time having another child with EB.

This had no effect of slowing me down. I was determined to support myself and teach my children and prove to myself that even with a disability the sky is the limit.

I went to a seminar on Real Estate and signed up for additional classes. I received a Certificate of Course Completion with Lease Option, Wholesale and Creative Financing by 2010.

From these courses I opened my first company that is licensed to do business. I am able to hold business properties under this company.

I am not making any money as of this time from this company and still receive SSI, SSDI and am still a single mother.

I am looking for a $600,000 grant to purchase my grandfather's Agricultural property. My grandfather built and operated this business for 20 years. It has not been in operation for at least 10 years.

The grant will allow me to purchase the property and reestablish the business. It will also allow me to provide work and housing for locals during peak harvest seasons.

I will be marketing cut tropical flower and potted plants online and to local nurseries. I will manage and do books while living on the property, thus keeping costs low.

I am looking to be a business owner successful enough to no longer have to collect SSI/SSDI.

I want to build a company that my disabled children can operate, thus freeing my family from a state of disability.

If you could direct me to government business grants or equivalent help, I would very much appreciate it. Thank you!

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May 22, 2015
Business Grant
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Geneva,

It's been a while, since 2010, that anything has been posted here and I wanted to check in to see how you were doing with that fabulous entrepreneurial spirit you possess.

Were you able to get a loan or somehow manage to get your business going? I know Don and Louann had some wonderful advice for you.

If you still need assistance, go to this link (also free, no obligation) that is endorsed by Don:

Disability Digest

At the bottom of the page click join and that will give you access to many appropriate resources, like (and I've copied/pasted here):

Getting Approved For Disability
How To Maximize Your Benefits
How Much You Can Legally Make
Reliable Jobs And Income
How To Find Affordable Housing
Disabled Grants
Financial & Health Care Assistance
Connect With And Learn From Others
All About Veterans Benefits, and
More when you become a member

Like I say, it's all free to you. Brian gets his income from the sponsors so you don't have to invest anything.

I hope your situation has changed. If I can be of further help, just reach me here.


Nov 20, 2010
You could be sponsored...
by: Don from Ability Mission

Hi Geneva,

I second that notion by Louann that you are so courageous and that you ought to consider an online business just as Louann did.

An online business has only a fraction of the risk of an offline one.

Here's something for you to consider. SiteSell, the company Louann mentioned, has a philanthropic arm that sponsors individuals who can show that they have the potential to succeed. Here's the link:


If you think this could work for you, when you submit your applications, take the time to be thoughtful and thorough.

Wishing you the very best!

Don Coggan

Nov 20, 2010
Women Creating Sucessful Businesses
by: Louann


My heart goes out to you and your courageous struggle to find a way to earn a living and improve your life and that of your children.

I first want to say that government grants (especially in the amount you are seeking) are very difficult to obtain. Loans are more feasible, but repayment (thus your own confidence in the success of your enterprise) is considerable.

Have you seen the website womensnet.net?

This is a great resource for women wanting to get into business. Run and funded by other businesswomen, they can definitely relate to your circumstances. Realistic advice about the availability of grants and other funding sources are counseled by some very wise business women found there.

I myself was forced to leave the job market as a floral designer because of a diagnosis of fibromyalgia. I was unable to stand for long periods of time and do the heavy lifting required by the job.

I did, however, decide to turn to the Internet as a way to use my skills and create a thriving, online business. I wouldn't have been able to do it if it had not been for a company called SiteSell.

Since I knew NOTHING about web business building, this company literally taught me everything I now know. They have a wonderful support system of other website owners through a forum where willing participants can answer every question!

Can't stand to type? Invest in a program called DragonNaturallySpeaking. It's a dictation type program that can allow you to dictate pages by speaking into a microphone system. It takes a little while to get the hang of it - but it's well worth the time.

This is NOT an "overnight" success program. It takes determination and hard work to create a successful online business. But the great advantage is that there is minimal overhead cost and you don't need expensive loans or hard-to-get grants to get a business started.

I can speak well of the whole process, tools and services SiteSell provides because I have successfully built my own online business and website and I do earn a comfortable living from it (and I'm just getting started!)

Check it out if you are interested. Remember to never give up on your dreams? but to realize that hard work and determination to succeed are the true building blocks for a successful business.

I wish you success!



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