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Education And Handicap Vehicle Grant For Accident Disabled Federal Civil Servant

by Cynthia
(Stafford, Virginia, USA)

I worked for the federal government for 28 years and I loved my job.

Then I had an accident and now I cannot work.

I am on SSDI but that does not help with anything. It is 1/3 of my government salary. I can't afford my mortgage anymore and I can't feed my family properly.

What's more, I can no longer use my vehicle with my wheelchair.

Every time I try to get help I am told that I get too much in SSDI for any further assistance.

Please help me. I wish I could say I could pay it back but I can't.

I want to move to the country and let someone else with a government job have this house closer to DC.

I want to be able to go to the store and buy real food. I would like to get a degree in medical billing so I can work from home but I can't afford the tuition or a home office to do the work.

I put into the system… I just want to get something back.

I am a good-hearted person, probably too good because if I have a little I give it to those who have none.

I know I have none and no one is standing there to help me.

If someone has a vehicle with handicapped equipment they aren't using I would use it daily.

If I could get a grant for the tuition, I would do my best.

If I could get some assistance paying my electric, water, cable and other bills I would be eternally grateful.

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