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Education Grant For Bipolar Disabled Woman To Start Empowerment Center

by Janelle
(Naples, FL, USA)

Born to be a Life Coach

Born to be a Life Coach

I am a 38-year-old happily married female. My parents and grandparents who raised me have all passed away.

I am the child and grandchild of a long line of bipolars. My parents lost their lives to this illness paired with alcoholism and violence in 1977. My brother and I found them shot to death when I was 4 and he was 7.

My brother was diagnosed bipolar in 1990 when we nearly lost his life in an attempted suicide involving a fire truck.

Because of my bipolar diagnosis in 1992, I was forced to give up a beautiful girl in 1999 and a gorgeous son in 2005 for adoption. My husband and I have decided not to have children because of my illness.

My disability is bipolar disorder. I was born bipolar because the condition is hereditary. Nearly everyone in my family was bipolar and/or depressed. My maternal grandfather was schizophrenic.

My bipolar condition worsened when various family members subjected me to sexual, physical, emotional and psychological abuse.

I attempted suicide several times and went in and out of 20 mental hospitals and halfway houses before and after being forced to relinquish my children.

Alcoholism throughout my twenties worsened my condition. I was deemed "indigent" in 1999 and qualified for SSI and SSDI.

I have been disabled for nearly 20 years but since I stopped drinking in 2002, my condition has slowly improved.

My first husband physically abused me due to his alcoholism in February 2009 and I filed for divorce immediately.

Remarkably, I managed to graduate with a Bachelors of Science in Applied Psychology from Regis University Summa Cum Laude in May of the same year.

Soon after graduation, I met my current husband who is loving and supportive. We married in July 2009 and I went to the hospital, hopefully for the last time in September 2009.

My husband's love and understanding has helped my condition improve tremendously. I still suffer from mania and depression but I no longer contemplate suicide.

We finally left the pain of the past in Colorado and moved to the Southwest where I pursued a Life Coaching Certification in 2010. In 2011 I was accepted by the American College of Positivity Psychology's doctoral program and decided to start a Life Coaching and Empowerment Center to help other bipolars self-actualize and thrive.

My SSI has dropped from above $500 to $206 per month and I am still unable to work in a traditional setting.

I applied for food stamps but was denied because of my husband's $9.50/hour job.

I have tried multiple times to work a 9 to 5 job but eventually my disability cripples me and I am thrown back into unemployment.

My meds are covered for now but the state of the government has me fearing the worst in the future. If I go off of my meds, I go to the hospital.

At home my depression and mania can be so extreme that my only option is to go into the closet, shut the door, and cry until I can think straight.

I owned my own business for 5 years from 2005-2010 and I believe self-employment may be the best way for me to make a living.

In the meantime, I get food from food banks such as Catholic Charities and centers for people with mental illnesses so we don't starve.

After my husband pays the rent and all of the bills there is little left for food. Our credit cards are maxed out just covering basic expenses but other than that, we have no debt.

The doctoral degree is an affordable $7999 after the ACPP awards me their grant and another Alternative Medicine certification that would improve my Life Coaching practice is only $199 with Florida Gulf Coast University online.

But if we don't have money for food, I cannot better myself or encourage others to thrive.

I have worked a plethora of jobs since I was 19. Every job has ended before 2 months’ time except my cleaning company, which I owned and ran independently 2005-2010.

The brief jobs ranged from catering to sales to maid positions. None of them ever used my brilliance; at best they were blue collar and menial. Most of them were part-time.

I no longer have SSDI and my SSI is tiny. I do not get any help from a church financially. I do not have any other grants or donations.

I am looking for an educational grant for my PsyD ($10,999) and $199 to cover the Alternative Medicine certification through FGCU.

I am looking for $1000 to start my Life Coaching business. I am looking for $50,000 to start an Empowerment Center for people with mental disabilities in SW Florida.

The center will be the first of its kind. After getting the first one up and running, I'll then franchise to other cities in America and eventually the world.

Running the centers will be people with mental challenges who will be trained in Naples and then sent out into their communities to start their own centers.

The $50,000 will help purchase a small center and provide support for SW Florida and people in America wishing to come to the area to learn how to heal naturally was well as providing a place to train aspiring Life Coaches.

I would love to have a caseworker help me with additional benefits including food stamps and assistance with rent and utilities as well as an SSI lawyer if the costs are covered.

I know I am dreaming big but my hero Dr. Martin Luther King taught me it is fantastic to dream BIG!

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