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Education Grants To Help Man With Acute Asthma Pursue Writing Career

by Karon Johnson
(Columbus, GA, USA)

I am a 32-year-old male originally from Atlanta, Georgia. I now reside in Columbus.

I am family-oriented and have a beautiful 10-year-old daughter. I like to be associated with friends, family members, and those close to me.

I have a lovely fiancée and I am stable and enjoying life for the first time.

Disability Issues

I have suffered from acute chronic asthma since the age of three. I was first diagnosed at that age and then later re-diagnosed, which made me eligible for disability benefits.

I've basically been in and out of hospitals and intensive care units all my life. Dust, heat, excitement, perfumes, and extensive movement trigger either an attack or wheezing and breathing difficulty.

These complications led to the loss of jobs, expensive medical bills, and an inability to support myself.

Over many years of not getting the proper treatment, my symptoms progressed to the point where I now have to receive medical treatment and medications every day to control my attacks and my breathing.

Even though I waited so long to pursue my disability benefits, I'm alive today and can now look forward to setting goals for the future.

Financial Hardship

Jobs have been easy to find but hard to keep. I’ve held a variety of restaurant, temporary service, and landscaping jobs. These opportunities made it a bit easier to support myself.

Unfortunately, the complications of my asthma kept me from holding a job longer than a few months. I took many sick days and was labeled unreliable and then terminated.

I stayed with a number of family members while trying to restart my life, but I ended up back at square one. Medical bills and not being able to afford my medications was literally sucking the breath out of me.

I felt I became a burden to my friends, family members, and myself by not being able to hold a job.

Income Efforts

At one point in my life I hit an all-time low. I was depending on churches and food stamps to provide my shelter and food. My medical needs were met by free community services, but after so long they began to charge me.

I had no income and what money I did have paid for my room and board. I had no steady residence and I stayed with friends from time to time.

Getting medical treatment was the same because I didn’t have insurance. Going to the emergency room and not being able to afford the bill was embarrassing.

This went on for years. No doctors told me how bad my asthma was.

A few years ago I finally got a break. A judge qualified me as disabled and granted me benefits and back pay. I am so grateful.

Even though I still suffer, I'm embracing the future. Now that I am stable I want to pursue my goals and dreams of being a writer.

Specific Needs

I am seeking an educational grant. I know that my future is in education.

Even though I've missed out, I would like to have a chance to pursue a dream I've longed for. I want to be a successful writer.

I've dreamed of telling the story of my struggle and I hope to encourage and motivate others. I want to be a contributor to those who have been in the same situation and do not know about the help you can get.

I am not looking for a handout or sympathy but simply a chance. I’m looking for an opportunity to change my life and better myself to help others.

I believe in myself and I am highly motivated to start a new chapter in my life. I believe I have a story to tell and would like to share it with the world.

Thank you for giving me this chance to share my story. God bless.

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Jun 03, 2013
Keep pursuing your dreams
by: Anonymous

You sound genuine and motivating. There are a lot of people who are not happy because they gave up on what they believe in. Do not give up on your dreams even though it might seem that things are not going your way. Keep believing in yourself and stay strong.

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