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Emotionally Disabled Woman Seeks Disability Grant For Housing

by Lacy
(Midland, Texas, USA)

My name is Lacy. I am a 31 year old disabled female trying to get my life back after a bad separation. I have very little family and am currently homeless.

I never knew my father and my mother died of cervical cancer when I was 19. I have a younger brother that is constantly in and out of prison.

Disability Issues

I have been diagnosed with multiple mental and emotional disabilities. It all started way back when I was 14 years old.

It has been a long and emotional battle that I have fought for many years to try to understand. To me it is very embarrassing. And for many years I tried my best to hide it.

My relationship with my family, friends and co-workers has suffered quite a bit over the years.

I was with my husband 12 years. We were were married 7 of the 12 years, before we separated.

About 3 or 4 years ago I came to terms with my disabilities and decided that I needed help.

With medical help being so expensive and all the red tape involved with insurance companies, I decided to file for disability was my best option.

I have been on disability for 3-4 years now. I am attempting to find the right treatment for my mental and emotional needs.

Although I have not mastered my needs yet, I do see a slight improvement in myself.

Since beginning my medications and therapy my relationship with my family and friends has improved.

I still struggle with everyday life situations, which I do hope I will overcome soon. I am currently disabled and receiving social security.

Financial Hardship

I make roughly about $750 a month, which sounds decent enough, but with the high cost of living (rent, electricity, gas, food, etc.), I don't have enough to be able to reside on my own. I am homeless.

I live wherever I can and the majority of all my income goes to pay for room and board to whoever allows me to stay with them.

I have no car, no money, no bank account, no assets whatsoever.

I have 2 friends who are expecting a baby and all they can offer me is a place to live for a few months.

Income Efforts

My credit is shot because I owe a massive amount in student loans which I cannot afford to pay back.

The loans are for an education I could not complete, due to the last recession. The recession cost my husband and me everything we had.

I am currently receiving roughly $750 a month for Social Security Disability. What family I do have are experiencing financial hardships of their own so they are unable to help me.

Specific Needs

I am in need of money. I am not sure exactly what kind of help I need.

I need a large sum of money that I don't have to pay back because I have no way to pay it back.

My friend's mother has offered to sell me her trailer house for $2,500. It needs some work, but it's okay to live in and that's all I care about.

By buying this trailer I can finally have my own place that I can afford to live in.

The lot rent runs $200 per month. I can afford to live there and pay my bills without having to rely on anyone to help me out anymore.

I know $2,500 is a lot of money. I do feel that amount would help me to get back on my feet and in my own home again.

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