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End Stage Renal Patient Needs Grant Money For Wheelchair Ramp

by Anonymous
(Summerville, GA, USA)

The 1st thing you find out after qualifying for an electric chair is that a ramp, if needed, is not covered. A lift for the car is not covered either.

So the issue is how to get around with the wheelchair from point A to point B.

Driving the chair itself isn't the answer in most cases due to the distance to the grocery store or wherever is needed to be.

Did you know there are not sidewalks everywhere you walk or use a wheelchair?

I'm an end stage renal patient living on dialysis 3 days a week.

My legs have several things wrong with them like peripheral neuropathy, which means they don't always function.

Also my upper legs have lost strength and continue to do so and the chair assists this.

But once purchasing an electric chair through Medicare I find out, even though it's 8 inches from ground up to door entrance, Medicare will not pay the cost of a ramp or a lift for car.

I had a ramp built but have not been able to get help with the cost of the lift or the cost to have it installed.

So now I spend my time searching for some kind of help. So far all I have gotten is nothing available.

Thank you for pointing me to any government grant money or other help that is available.

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