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Endless SSDI Cases For Disability Representatives Both Attorneys And Non-Attorneys

This page is intended for disability representatives both attorneys and non-attorneys who are looking for targeted, profitable case leads for Social Security Disability claims.

Our Visitors = Your Case Leads

All our site visitors have one thing in common: they are disabled and hurting physically, emotionally and financially.

Site Visitor Demographics

They need a variety of products and services to alleviate the pain and suffering. They especially need the help of a professional like you to successfully file their Social Security Disability claims.

There's more. Your access to SSDI case leads goes way beyond our own visitor traffic. Why? Because we partner in a Special Program with The Disability Digest, which has already helped over 11,000 of its members receive their benefits 10 months faster.

Five Ways This Program Helps You

Benefit 1 -- Act With Certainty

Act With Certainty
There is no guesswork in this program. With our data going back to 2007, you know the exact percentage of cases won and the time taken to complete them. You know the state of preparedness of cases you get. Learn more.

benefit 2 -- Get More Cases

Get More Cases
Over 27,000 interviews have helped more than 11,000 people win benefits. We're already generating SSDI cases in your area and our ongoing online and offline marketing efforts will generate even more. Learn more.

Benefit 3 -- End Cases Faster

End Cases Faster
The people we refer to our partnering disability reps have been thoroughly qualified using an in-depth interview honed to perfection since 2007. So, on average, our referral cases close 10 months faster. Learn more.

Benefit 4 -- Make More Money

Make More Money
Having more cases means more revenue of course. And executing the work faster only adds to your earnings. Plus you could make even more money by referring your own leads to us to pre-qualify them for you! Learn more.

Benefit 5 -- Help More People

Help More People
You'll feel good about making all that extra money when you know that you are helping more people. And people will appreciate your help so much more when it comes to them as Disability payments. Win-Win! Learn more.

Markets Are Limited. Act Quickly.

Benjamin LaCroix, representative of Ability Mission.

Hello! Benjamin LaCroix here from Ability Mission, urging you to act quickly to secure your priority access to endless SSDI leads and enjoy the 5 major benefits of working with us.

  • Act With Certainty
  • Get More Cases
  • End Cases Faster
  • Make More Money
  • Help More People

Ability Mission has been helping the disabled since 1998 (originally as Accessible.org). You can rest assured that this is a solid opportunity. Start increasing your SSDI case load in four easy ways:

No matter what action you take, we'll be there personally to help you get started.