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Epilepsy Disabled Military Child Needs Grant Money For Seizure Alert Dog

by Caitlin Howell
(Stafford, VA, USA)

Joshua Looking For Heroes

Joshua Looking For Heroes

Joshua's father is a commissioned officer in the US Army. He was stationed at Ft. Campbell, KY, with 3rd BN 5th Special Forces Group when his wife, Caitlin found out they were expecting a baby.

They then packed up their car and moved to Monterey, CA, because the army told them that dad was needed there. On June 9th 2005 Caitlin gave birth to the world's most perfect little boy, Joshua.

At the age of two years, Joshua and his family were on the move to DC where he was diagnosed with Autism at Bethesda Naval Hospital. Caitlin's heart broke... but they are a military family, and if they can get through deployment after deployment, this too they shall overcome!

At 21/2 Joshua had his first grand mal seizure and was diagnosed at Children’s National Medical Center with Epilepsy. Caitlin’s heart broke again. He has petit mal seizures daily and he has had three grand mal seizures.

He's on a special diet and takes several mineral and vitamin supplements daily for his Autism and is also taking seizure medication twice a day. He has most recently had another grand mal seizure.

Joshua really needs an Autism Seizure Alert/Response dog to give him the freedom that his peers have. He needs to be able to go up to his room to play without his mom standing outside his door checking on him every three minutes.

He needs to be able to go outside and play on the swing set by himself. The service dog will be trained specifically for Joshua's needs. When his dad deploys to Afghanistan he needs to know that his son is safe here at home under the watchful eyes of a service dog.

The West German Show Line German Shepherd will be tethered to Joshua and will be able to stop Joshua from wandering off. The Shepherd will be able to respond to Joshua's seizures and call his mom for emergency assistance via a cell phone! The service dog will also be attending school with Joshua every day.

Caitlin and her friends are selling purple ribbons for a dollar each to raise epilepsy awareness and to raise funds for the service dog for Joshua.

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