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Epilepsy Disabled Woman Seeks Grant Money For Seizure Dog

by Andrea Collins
(Westport, KY, USA)

I have lived my whole life with epilepsy, but until my 7th grade year, my parents never suspected, or knew. I was getting ready for the big school field trip that I had waited for so long to go on with my friends. That was the day my parents witnessed my complex partial seizure.

I stared into the mirror and began to play with my locket. Then I couldn't tell my body what to do. I knew what was going on around me, but I couldn't take back control of myself.

My parents panicked and my dad slung me over his shoulder and took me to the hospital. I couldn't help feeling guilty for upsetting my dad. They had asked me who he was, and I couldn't even answer such a simple question.

When I came to, my family was all around me, crying and begging to see me. I couldn't help but feel responsible for their fear. Then I was diagnosed with epilepsy, and my life changed forever.

I went to school like everyone else, yet I was never treated the same. They called me names and labelled me as a freak. They didn't understand what I had, and they didn't care.

People are always afraid of what they don't understand. I learned the cruelty of some people at a young age. I was never included in games or outside events.

My school wouldn't even let my mother chaperone for a field trip for me. We had a chance to go to New York, and my mother was willing to pay for herself too in order for me to go.

Then my principal illegally said my mother couldn't go, which meant I couldn't go either. They came up with a very stupid lie too. They said my mother and I would distract the students, so we weren't allowed to go.

I've never been treated the same as others ever since I learned that I had epilepsy, and it hurts to think you won't be accepted. The next time I had a seizure was in the morning before school. I had a huge grand mal seizure.

It had happened in my sleep, my mother had heard something from my room, then after a while decided to check on the noise. I had fallen out of my bed and landed into the wall where I continually hit my head against the wall, and my lips turned blue from lack of oxygen.

The most recent seizure of mine was the grand mal, again. This time it was in the deadliest area for all epileptics. I was in the shower, luckily I wasn't taking a bath otherwise I would have died.

I fell and hit my head against the tile wall and nearly bit off both sides of my tongue. I had gone a whole year without medication, and I had hoped that I would never need it again.

Then everything came crashing down on me. I've suffered the loss of being able to drive. I've been lying for years as to why I don't drive. I have moved to a new school, and haven't told anyone of my epilepsy for three years.

I want to tell my friends, and I will some day, but I can't risk the isolation I had already had. But I have no freedom, none at all, everyone knows where I am 24 hours of the day. I go out with a friend, and have to check in with my parents constantly.

My dad decided that I should look for a dog to take care of me, and maybe see when I'm about to have a seizure. My seizures are so random it's dangerous for me, and it would give me and my family some piece of mind if I had a dog.

I want this dog so much because I need a companion, someone who's always with me, someone I can befriend and not feel like they might leave me at any time. I want someone to stay with and to protect me when I have my seizures.

I need a partner and a friend. But I really could use some help with the cost for my dog. My parents have always had trouble with their money when it comes to my medical life, so adding this also adds extra stress to them.

I lost my job over my epilepsy, and I'm trying and hoping to overcome some of these issues.

I've always had trouble with fear of abandonment and discrimination, but I'm hoping to change that with the help of this dog and hopefully a new addition to my family and life.

I'm desperate for freedom, and desperate for a true friend, and I hope to get one if I can find the money.

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