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Explosion Disabled US Army Veteran Seeks Personal And Business Grant Money

by Darryl L. Williams
(Wichita, Kansas, USA)

My name is Darryl L. Williams. I am a survivor of the DeBruce Grain Explosion in 1998. Now disabled, I'm looking for both a personal and a business grant.

I received 2nd and 3rd degree burns on 36% of my upper body. I still relive the horror of that day, and the endless roll call in my head.

There are some nights I can't sleep, and other nights I cry myself to sleep. While lying in a coma for 36 days, I went though many horrible nightmares of life and death.

Because of this blast, my life was totally shambled. I can't get a job because of the severity of my injury.

The State is trying to put me back into school, but I have some learning disability problems.

The only money I get is my SSD check, and that isn't enough to pay for my basic life needs.

My wife and I are declared legally disabled by the State Medical Board. But we don't qualify for any state or federal help program.

Although I spent 13.5 years in the U.S. Army, I can't get any medical disability benefits.

The only way I can get back on my to feet is to have two grants.

One, a personal grant of $50,000, would help me pay all my personal bills off. A second one for $200,000 would help me start up my business.

I would pay back $10,000 of this grant each year that I am in business.

Should anyone wish to check on my business or the grant, my bank and bookkeeper are authorized to show the information.

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