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Family Housing Grant And SSDI Assistance For PTSD Disabled Marine Veteran

by Jesse
(Tomah, WI, USA)

Me with My Boys

Me with My Boys

I served four years as a United States Marine with one tour of duty overseas. I'm looking for a housing grant and SSDI assistance.

My time in the service was cut short due to my choice of leaving the service I love knowing that my body could no longer serve my country as my heart still does.

I am currently listed as 30% disabled due to my back, knee and ankle injuries with a claim for my PTSD in process. I am currently in treatment with the VA for my PTSD and learning to heal.

All of my injuries have made life hard since my Honorable Discharge in November of 2008 not only for me but also for my wife and our two young boys aged three and four.

It has been hard to provide for them the way that I should due to my injuries and not being diagnosed with PTSD sooner.

Our last attempt at trying to make a new start found us homeless with every last possession we owned.

Movers we hired stole all our boys' things, as well as everything connected to my time as a Marine. We have tried to track them down but the company has disappeared.

We lived in a motel for seven months while trying to rebuild our lives. We are now in a small apartment but we are trying to build up our lives and belongings.

My wife still to this day has only one set of clothes for each day of the week. Our car is in need of many repairs due to hitting a deer last year.

I had to pound some dents out myself in order to put a new windshield in but I was unable to fix the driver side door or replace a mirror.

Not being able to provide is made even harder by the needs of my boys. My older boy is four and he was born with various health problems made worse by a bad case of asthma. My other son who is three shows signs of slow development and inabilities to learn simple tasks.

I have worked various jobs but due to my injuries it has been hard to keep a job working on my feet for more than a few hours at a time.

I was able to collect unemployment for a time after my four years in the service as well. For now my family survives on my monthly VA benefits and food stamps with rare donations my VA Rep has been able to help with.

I am looking for any grants available in order to help my family as well as SSDI. Advice is always welcome. Any help would be appreciated.

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Nov 28, 2011
Some information on your situation.
by: Stefan Maurer

Below are two links that might be of interest to you:



Also, here is an email and phone number to contact the chief of specially adapted housing within the V.A. (Brian N. Bixler): brian.bixler@va.gov, and the phone number is (571) 272-0091. I hope things get better for you and your family, and I wish you the best. Peace. :)

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