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Father With Multiple Disabilities Seeking Government Grant For A Better Life

by John
(Seaford, DE, USA)

I'm a 50-year-old male with a 14-year-old son and I have many disabilities: bad back, diabetes, bad hips, one hip replaced, arthritis.

I need a government grant or other help to provide a better life for my son and me.

I moved to Seaford, Delaware approximately three years ago. The home I live in is mine but due to having a bankruptcy several years ago, I couldn't get a loan.

So I had the home put into my mother's name and she lived with my son and me.

My wife of 30 years is in jail due to addiction to pain pills, she hasn't been with my son and me for 16 months.

My mother had no will so when she passed away March 29, 2009 so the home was then property of myself and my brother and sister. My brother will sign off on the house, but my sister refuses to do so, even though she knows it was my house.

I have always helped out my fellow man/woman when I could and have never had this type of problem before.

I'm now on oxygen as well as other health problems as I get older. I do get food stamps but they don't even last the whole month.

I eat a lot of canned goods so my son can have meat to eat. He comes first in my life.

I have searched everywhere I could think of for help with nothing as of this moment. I can't walk very well so I use a Hoveround wheelchair a lot.

My disability check is gone for bills as soon as I get it and I'm still struggling each month.

I pray a lot hoping to somehow get help but all I can really do is pray and live day by day wishing tomorrow will bring my son and me some very needed help.

I sometimes cry at night after he goes to bed wondering where our next meal will come from and how much longer we will have a place to live.

I don't claim to be perfect but I will and have helped a lot of people in my life during my younger years and never asked for anything in return. I did it because I wanted to help someone in need.

A government grant of other equivalent assistance would be so appreciated. In closing I would like to say thank you for your time in reading this letter and God bless you. Thank you.

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Jan 04, 2016
I'm rooting for you
by: Anonymous

I read your story , My heart goes out to you and your family and I know what you're going through in a sense because I am also Disabled and day-to-day life is not easy sometimes depressing in fact, but my prayers go out to you and I hope that everything works out for you and you get the grant to help you and your family,as for your sister I have nothing else to say because if you don't have anything nice to say it's better not to say anything at all she'll get what's coming to her; vengeance is mine saith the Lord!!

Jan 27, 2012
State senator or alderman
by: StamPatrick

John, go see and talk with your alderman or state senator with this info.

Sep 27, 2009
Worthless Sister
by: Anonymous

John, Sorry to say but, you have a worthless sister! How can your own sister try and steal your home? This sister will one day get her due!

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