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Fibromyalgia Disabled Veteran Seeks Grant Money For Her Writing Career

by Jayna Peters
(Pine Grove, CA, USA)

I am a 47-year-old single, disabled female veteran of the United States Army.

There is a possibility that I will be adopting a friend's 14-year-old daughter if my friend does not beat her battle with cancer.

I injured my back during my service in the Army and needed surgery to relieve the nerve damage being done.

After the surgery fibromyalgia developed, I needed another surgery to correct what was done in the first surgery and then another surgery because that one failed.

I am in nonstop pain and deal with frequent headaches, some requiring an emergency room visit.

My current disability status is 90%, but I'm being paid at 60%. I was 100% but the VA dropped me to 40% and then gave me 50% (if I remember correctly) giving me a 90% status.

When I lost my 100% rating, I had to sell my farm in Tennessee and move in with my parents (in their 80s) in California.

They paid off much of the debt incurred because of loss of income and I am paying them back at $500 per month. With a few other general bills, insurance, gas and food, I don't have anything left to save.

The VA does not provide help for fibromyalgia because they don't have any knowledgeable doctors. They won't pay for outside doctors. The medicines they offer don't help.

I have to rely on my parents to take me to the emergency room and to help with food. I would be homeless if not for my parents as I cannot afford rent of any kind.

Any extra activities create more pain and more fatigue. I have to be careful to avoid the musculoskeletal headaches that are easily activated. Stress is a huge player in how bad the pain is.

When I first moved back to California, I tried working in home health care but the drive and the simple tasks of helping the client wore my body down and created more pain.

I have tried Internet businesses but it takes some money no matter how small and so I am stuck. Right now I enjoy writing and have my first book with a publisher. I am also writing a screenplay for a producer from my own book.

I am looking for money to help me with my writing career.

I am in partner publishing with my first book and I have to buy my books at $9.00 each.

My second book I am doing on my own and each copy will only cost me $3.75 each.

Either way, startup capital for buying the books, finishing the edit payments for my second and for marketing will definitely get me on my way.

I also have an Internet business that is easy enough for me but it takes some money invested to get bigger results. This will help me with cash flow along with the sale of my books.

A grant I don't have to pay back will relieve the stress in my life.

I am also looking for help to possibly fly to Washington D.C. to get the ratings hearing I've been waiting for going on six years.

If the VA grants me back my 100% then I will be fine financially. But, I have to have a hearing first.

Here are my estimated book costs:

- Editing costs: $1,000.
- First book: 100 books @ $9 = $900.
- Second book self-published: 100 @ 3.75= $375
- Marketing and publicity: roughly $2,000
- Copyrighting costs: $35 x 3= $105

Here are my estimated costs for two Internet business:

- First one: $468
- Second one $500

Total need: $5,359

Here are estimated sales figures:

- First book sales: 100 @ $20= $2,000
- Second book sales: 100 @ $16= 1,600

Prices include tax and shipping and handling.

The Internet businesses can generate advertising revenue depending on the traffic to them.

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Jul 23, 2012
by: Jayna Peters

Thanks for posting my story.

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