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Financial Aid To Help Lyme Disease Affected Man Return Home To Hawaii

by Steve Ryan
(Sewell, New Jersey, USA)

I am 34 years old, male, single and childless. I am currently living with my father. I lived for five years on my own - most recently in Hawaii.

I am a huge fan of the Philadelphia Phillies and the Beatles. I am excitedly waiting for my first official nephew to be born in January 2014.

Disability Issues

I have been bitten by a tick and inflicted with Lyme disease on three separate occasions:
-summer of 1992, in between my 7th and 8th grade years in middle school.
-in the fall of 1996, the beginning of my senior year in high school
-in the summer of 2010.

Each time I was bitten, I was given antibiotics to flush the disease out; however, I am stuck with the symptoms.

My personal symptoms include extreme fatigue, extreme, annoying pain to every joint in my body, trouble eating and a slow destruction to my nervous system. I feel at my worst when the weather changes. In New Jersey, the weather changes practically every day.

I didn't realize how bad the disease has affected me, other than the joint pain, until I got bit for the third time.

I have had emotional problems throughout my life that have led to me acting ìcrazyî and very embarrassing - with family, friends, and girls I have dated/liked. I always thought I was a lunatic until I was bitten again and felt the rage over simple things grow.

I realized then how bad the Lyme's has affected my nerves and my brain functions.

Financial Hardship

Due to my not fully understanding of my disease and its effects, I dropped out of college after my junior year. I went through some emotional issues that I could not solve.

In high school, I was an honor student, class president and received others honors. Not finishing college was a huge disappointment for myself and others.

I have been stuck with my student loans ever since, but have not had a job that I could help pay them off.

Circumstances with my disease have led to me having two DUIs, which has added to my financial hardships.

After I was bitten for the 3rd time, I attempted to move to a better climate to help me deal with the joint pain and get stronger.

Unfortunately I was on probation at the time so I had to wait two years because those in charge would not let me leave the state, despite my illness.

In June 2012, after I was finally cleared, I moved to Hawaii, for the steady weather and peaceful environment. I transferred my job as a manager of a movie theater, and left everyone I knew.

During my 4th month there, I messed up a transaction on a register. My Lyme's sometimes throws my brain in a loop and I get confused as to what I am doing. After over 11 years with the company, I was suspended because they thought I stole $19.

With doctors' notes, I eventually got my job back, but missing over a month's worth of income, I was unable to keep the place I was renting at the time. Luckily I made great friends in the short time I was there so I was able to find a place to stay.

However, the place was too far from the theater for me to keep my job, so I had to resign. I do not drive. I feel it is completely irresponsible for me to drive due to my nerves being as bad as they are.

In February 2013, I came home for my brother's wedding, I was the best man and had to be there earlier. That, and other personal circumstances beyond my control, led to me being unable to return to Hawaii.

In the few months in Hawaii, I felt better at times than I had since I was 13 years old. Because of the suspension and people basically planning my life for me, I was very stressed and lost all of my progress.

I had every intention of returning to Hawaii to resume my healing, I even left personal items. Unfortunately, I couldn't. I have been stuck in Jersey ever since.

Income Efforts

I worked as a manager of a movie theater for over 11 years. After I was bitten for the third time, I took a few months off and was on disability. I took a pay cut when I moved to Hawaii.

After I resigned, I was on unemployment for a couple of months. I would have liked to stay on unemployment for a little more, just to relieve stress.

Once it was clear that I was not able to return to Hawaii, my father forced me to get a job. He has never really been sympathetic to my disease and situation.

I worked at a swimming pool store up until last week (the beginning of October), but I am not needed there anymore, due to the swim season ending.

I am currently looking for jobs locally due to my non-driving situation, but not having any luck.

Specific Needs

I would like to get back to Hawaii and live stress free - even if it's just for a couple of months. As stated, I was feeling great - working out, eating right, and the weather and peaceful environment was extremely beneficial for me.

If I could get help with my loans and other debt I have neglected, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, that would be amazing.

I would not feel right just being given money - I would want to pay back whoever helps me. I just need a hand getting started in the right direction.

Business Idea

I would love to open a music recording studio/music school in Hawaii. I have always had an ear and love for music and I would love to help others out - reaching a dream that I was never allowed to, never encouraged to seek.

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