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Get Free Help To Secure All The Disability Grants And Benefits You Deserve

Get FREE disability help to receive all the grants and benefits for which you are eligible. Learn to do it step by step, the right way, all at no cost, except for your time.

Outside the USA? The resources we offer are for residents of the USA only. That said, if you're outside the USA, you can still benefit from the METHOD we teach. You simply do your own research to find resources equivalent to those we mention.
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Most people with a disability are NOT getting all the benefits they're entitled to. And they don't even know it!

And there's no way to know if you're getting everything you deserve UNLESS you search, find and apply... the right way. We can help you with that!

By way of real example, see how one disabled veteran helped another with "been there, done that" advice on getting financial and other aid.

How It Works For You

Ability-Mission.org helps YOU get the disability benefits and grants you're entitled to by showing you how to make your case. It starts by YOU telling YOUR story. By telling your story with our free help, you:

  1. Learn to get the right information in the right order.
  2. Get it polished up so others want to read it and help.
  3. Make it known to a wide audience that could help you.
  4. Get access to our Workbook that shows you step-by-step how to use your story to apply for eligible benefits.
  5. Get invaluable hands-on practice following detailed instructions... the very same kind that you'll encounter when applying for grants, benefits or help of any type.

Two added benefits of telling your story are:

  1. You'll experience an increased feeling of happiness according to this article in the New York Times.
  2. You'll help the process of healing in certain cases according to this article in the New York Times.

What You Could Be Missing

Are YOU looking for government grants to help ease the financial burden and simply live in dignity? This free disability help page is for you if you're disabled and hurting financially.

By the way, when we talk here about "government grants" or "grants," we're just using a term everyone uses. It means more than that though, because people with disabilities are entitled to benefits in many forms.

For example, your disability story can help you get...

  • grants
  • loans
  • SSDI
  • meds
  • food stamps
  • counseling
  • wheelchairs
  • handicap vehicles
  • service dogs
  • work at home
  • and more

To see the various disabilities for which millions of folks have made successful claims, please go to our Disability Claims page. There you will find well over 100 different diagnoses in language you can understand.

Making your own claim starts by YOU putting things in writing, by telling your story. It all begins with a simple step.

After that first step, if you stay engaged in the process, you could very well be surprised at the various forms that help takes. See what these folks are saying about their experience.

Start With One Simple Step

Getting real disability help by telling your story here at Ability-Mission.org is straightforward. The entire process boils down to the following four steps. All it takes is one simple step to get started.

Image of a hand with a pencil in front of a laptop.
Step 1 – Get The Free Guide
In this first step, you sign up for the free Disability Help Guide. You study it thoroughly and follow its advice to the letter. Oh, and you also get the exclusive bonus -- Grant Writing That Works.
Image of a disabled person entering information via a laptop.
Step 2 – Submit Your Story
In this second step, you do a draft of your story to get the right information in the right order. We then edit, polish and publish it.
Image hands working a laptop keyboard.
Step 3 – Get The Workbook
In this third step, AFTER we have published your story, you sign up for the Workbook. It tells you how to use your story as a springboard to getting the help you need.
Image of a man in a hospital bed reading a Get Well Soon card.
Step 4 – Apply For Benefits
In this fourth step, you diligently follow all the steps of the Workbook. Visit this Disability Help Workbook Overview page to learn more.

The outcome is totally up to you. Only YOU can apply for the disability help (grants and benefits) that you're eligible for. Be prepared to work hard at it and to stick with it until you've exhausted every possibility.

It may sound confronting, but take heart... you'll have already completed the BIG step of getting your story right and in writing.

So there you go. That's an overview of the process. It does take some work to apply for the disability benefits you're entitled to. In the end though, it'll be worth your effort.

Get Your Free Help Guide

Remember... No matter what type of government grants or benefits you're thinking of applying for, you have to start by putting your story in writing. This is your chance to do it with professional help and at no charge.

Need inspiration to write your story? Click on your location below. Read the stories told by REAL people... like you. One could be your neighbor!
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These are stories that needed to be told. Just Like yours. Take that first step toward applying for the real disability help you need. Tell YOUR story!