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Friend Seeks Government Grant Money To Pay Rehab For Stroke Disabled Woman

by Tammy
(Piedmont, SD, USA)

I am not asking for help for me but for a friend. Her name is Marian. Marian is in her mid 50s. She has a roommate.

Marian had a stroke about two years ago. She did fine for about the first year. Since then she has gone down hill.

Marian is unable to work since she can hardly walk. She has to use a walker to get around and when she does that is hard for her.

She is constantly falling down and hurting herself. She lives in an apartment on the 2nd floor with a roommate that does most of the stuff for her.

He is in his mid 50s and is getting to the point that he is unable to assist her because of his age.

The only time she leaves is when someone can take her to the doctor. When she does leave it takes her 10 minutes to get down about 12 steps with help.

She is unable to cook for herself as well as bathe herself. Someone is able to make her meals for her and help her bathe about once a week.

She needs to be in a living center that has a rehabilitation center. We have been looking into it since she is unable to, but because she only has Title 19, there is a two-year waiting period.

If she had money for it she would pay for it. As the days pass Marian gets worse and worse. Without being able to afford rehab at least three times a week she may not make it long enough for the two-year waiting list.

I spoke with Kerry at the center and she had advised me that if there were other ways of paying on top of Title 19 she would not have to wait so long.

I would be more than happy to give her the money but I am unable to pay for it since I am a single mother.

Marian is unable to do the paperwork so we have been filling out all the paperwork for her. She is applying if not already applied for SSI, SSDI and Title 19.

Right now for income she has been selling her belongings to pay for her medical bills and medication if it is not covered.

Her roommate pays for rent, food and etc. We have been looking for anything or anyone that could assist her and so far this is what we have found.

We are looking for a grant that will be able to assist her on top of everything else she already has.

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