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Genuine Mystery Shopping Opportunities For People With Disabilities

People with disabilities are often looking for money-making opportunities to supplement their income. Mystery shopping could be just the answer.

Just to be clear, mystery shopping is not a grant or benefit. It is a job where your "employer" pays you to perform specific work. You need certain qualifications to do the job.

Here's the thing though... many disabled people can qualify for it.

Let's take a brief look at what mystery shopping is.

Taking The Mystery Out

Mystery Shopping is a technique that market research companies, watchdog organizations or companies themselves use:

  • to measure quality of service
  • to gauge compliance with regulations
  • to gather specific information about products and services

In general, the establishment being evaluated does not know the mystery consumer's specific identity and purpose, which is why we use the terms "mystery shoppers" and "mystery shopping."

Mystery shoppers perform specific tasks such as:

  • purchasing a product
  • asking questions
  • registering complaints
  • behaving in a certain way

They then report in detail on their experiences to the firm that employs them. The firm then reports to its client.

Mystery shopping goes way back to the 1940s as a means of assessing a number of performance factors in many industries. The most common venues are:

  • retail stores
  • hotels
  • movie theaters
  • restaurants
  • fast food chains
  • banks
  • gas stations
  • car dealerships
  • apartments
  • health clubs
  • health care facilities

That last one sure sounds like something that would be appropriate for people with disabilities, doesn't it?

The following Wikipedia article has a good description of how it works. See the content under the "Methodology" subheading.

How To Get Started

There are many scams out there about Mystery Shopping. It took me a long time to find the following two legitimate Mystery Shopper opportunities:

  • In-Touch Insight Systems
    In-Touch provides advanced interactive data capture and measurement solutions for large organizations striving to connect with prospects, customers, suppliers, employees and managers.
  • PerformaLogics Inc.
    PerformaLogics’ team possesses decades of experience working with a diverse range of companies, from local retail operators to some of the globe’s most recognized and respected organizations.

Of course there are many more than the two I have mentioned. I just don't know about them yet. If you have experience with any others, please let us know.

To get started, you have to sign up. Think of it as applying for a job. Be courteous and professional. Be clear about what you can do for the research company you are applying to. That's what they really care about.

They don't really care about you so there's no need to give them a long song and dance about your situation and how badly you need the money.

You will have to give them some bank information to make direct deposits into your bank account. Do this with a void check or just send them the information.

They might ask you for your social security number (social insurance number in Canada). Avoid doing that if possible.

They should never ask you to send them any money. If they do, run in the other direction.

And here are some great proven options to explore in the context of working while being on Disability:

If you have any questions about this article, please contact us and let us know.

Mystery Shopping is just one of the opportunities for people with disabilities to earn extra coin. Ability-Mission.org offers free help in several ways of earning income and applying for disability grants and benefits. Learn more...

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