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Government Disability Grant For 45-Year-Old Woman With Multiple Sclerosis

by Linda Losey
(Centreville, VA, USA)

I know you would not normally expect to receive a letter such as this; and I really feel uncomfortable sending it… but I have run into a dead end and thought since you are so well-known and connected, you may be able to help find assistance for me.

If you find it in your heart to help I would be forever grateful!

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 23. I am now 45 and have been in a wheelchair and homebound for the past six years. I am numb from the waist down and cannot stand or walk. Therefore I need someone to transfer me from bed, couch and commode to wheelchair and back again. Although I have numbness in my hands, I thankfully have limited ability to maneuver them.

I have contacted many different agencies to try and find assistance, but have been told that I make too much money to qualify for the various volunteer and/or financial programs currently available because my disability pay is greater than the maximum earnings allowed to qualify. The cost of in-home care is daunting and my income ($41,808 per year) cannot support it. The going rate for in-home care in Northern Virginia is $175 per day ($63,875 per year).

I have tried different avenues to get the help I need, i.e., trading room and board in exchange for in-home care. But, as you might imagine, it is very difficult to find someone who is willing and able to provide the care needed in trade for room and board.

I have had five roommates in the past three years; only one person was actually great at taking care of me. However, she stole one of my credit cards and my car. I have been paying someone to care for me using credit cards to pay for it since. My home is mortgaged to the max and my current debt is $150,000 and only going up. I don’t know how much longer I can continue.

Now you may be wondering, what about my family…

I live in Centreville, VA. I have three sisters: one in Texas, one in Arizona (she also has MS) and one in Nevada (she and her daughter have health issues as well). While both my parents live in Virginia, neither can provide the assistance that I need. My mother has MS, is disabled and needs assistance herself. My father, while in fairly good health for being 80 years old, is on a fixed income. There really is no one in my family who is able to financially or physically assist.

I have also looked into assisted living facilities as a last resort. These facilities have lengthy waiting lists, are even more costly than in-home care, and are not covered by my Medicare insurance.

I have maxed out my IRAs, which I have to pay very costly taxes on.

I’ve searched the Internet and have not found anything related to helping people with this type of financial need. I believe there must be some way to initiate a foundation or something of that sort that can raise monies to help supplement the cost of in-home care for those in need. I need guidance and am praying that either you or someone you know is able and willing to help.

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