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Government Disability Grant Money To Help Blind Man Regain Independence

by Thomas Stancil
(Jasper, GA, USA)

My name is Thomas Stancil. I am 40 years old and have been legally blind since birth. At approximately age 11, I started drawing disability (SSA).

I was always told that I would never be able to do a lot of things, such as driving, holding a job, and so on. Therefore I should stay home and not bother trying to fulfill my dreams.

As I got older, I acquired my GED and went to some college classes. At that point I tried to fulfill my dream of my own personal freedom. One of those dreams was to drive myself around and obtain a job.

Those goals I accomplished, proving all those that had no faith in me wrong. Many times in different jobs I was told I could not do this and I showed them as well.

As the years went by I found myself in supervisor positions and not finding myself needing government assistance.

At the age of 35, my vision started decreasing severely, and I was forced to step out of the job scene as well as the driving. The freedom I had earned and fought so hard for slipped away.

I had always hoped for the best, in keeping my financial stability (maintaining my bills, personal needs) up to date.

Prior to the day of my leaving the job scene, I had acquired some debts, trying to better my situation at that time. Since I had a job and financial stability at that time, this was not a hardship in keeping up with them.

Since my visual deterioration and returning to being on government assistance, those debts have now fallen behind and gone into delinquency.

Over the last several years I have undergone several surgeries trying to save what vision I had left.

With the medication and the doctor bills, being on social security I am finding it difficult making through from month to month (paying rent, food and other expenses needed to survive).

I still have faith that if I can get back on my feet, getting rid of my delinquent debts, I can find a fresh start and better way to support myself without any help from the government.

This is and always has been my goal.

My question is, is there someone out there that can help me with my dreams of re-establishing my freedom and my independence?

I take a lot of pride in the things that I have accomplished and my pride carries forth to the future endeavors I hope to accomplish.

I have never asked for any assistance from anyone. I have always tried to accomplish my dreams on my own, so I am new to all of this and it's very hard for me to do.

If, there are any in-depth questions anyone might have, I am willing to answer any and all questions brought before me.


Thomas Stancil

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