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Government Disability Grant To Help Cancer Disabled Woman Raise Grandson

by Angela
(Wallace, North Carolina, USA)

I have two kids. Married and divorced, I am currently single.

I like to be by myself, but I have to raise my grandson because his parents are not there for him.

I also visit my dad daily and check on him. He is in great shape, better shape than I am in.

I have a family that really cares about me, and looks after me.

Disability Issues

In the nineties, I got diagnosed with breast cancer. I had to take chemo and other treatments. Thankfully I did not lose my hair.

Later after that, I got fibromyalgia, lower back problems and severe arthritis. After having all of these problems today, some days it is hard for me to get around.

Some days I feel as if I am not even able to get out of bed, so I lie in bed all day long.

I go to pain management for my pain, because I try not to take many pain medications.

I want to be able to go without taking pain medicine. I have been working on that for ten years and have not got COMPLETELY off of the medicines yet. I feel as though the day will never come that I am off of the medications.

Financial Hardship

With me raising my grandson, and not being able to work, it makes it really hard on me each month.

I struggle to pay the bills. And when I pay the bills at the end of the month, I have no money left to spend on my grandson.

It makes me sad to have to say to my grandson we cannot do things because I do not have the money to do it with.

It is also hard for me to put gas in the car to drive an hour to my doctor's appointments, and my grandson's too.

I am not able to buy my grandson or myself the things we want to be happy. Sometimes I have to ask for other people to help me with him.

Income Efforts

I have tried to get disability for the past 12 years, and have not been approved yet.

I would like to apply for jobs but I am not able to hold on to them. I got one job, and I had to quit it because on the first day of working there, when I got home I was not able to move the next day.

I have been searching for a way to get money to buy my grandson and me the things we want.

Specific Needs

I do not seek a lot of money, just the amount of money that I need so my grandson and I can do things and not be stuck at home all the time.

I seek anything that will give me money to be able to do what I would like to do in my life.

I want enough money so that when my grandson asks me can we go do something fun, I tell him "YES."

I want enough money to buy the things that my grandson and I need.

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Dec 24, 2012
All Up To You
by: Claudy


First I will tell about my own experience with pain management. I was brainwashed and believed that hard narcotics were the only option for my pain. Boy how wrong I was! There are a class of extremely potent and effective non-narcotic pain medications. After many years of narcotic pain management, I went to a pain specialist. He prescribed Suboxone, Lyrica and Tramadol. All three are non-narcotic and any one would be inadequate but together there is no stronger and effective medications. I was surprised that they worked for my non healing broken back, multiple sclerosis and severe arthritis! I bet you would be surprised too! Now I take no narcotics and no longer suffer from theirre extreme short and long term side effects and organ damage. Just for your information.

Now on to the money situation. I am not sure what type of help you are looking for but I do know how to find all the help you qualify for including a lot of help you didn't even mention.

Benefits.gov is a great resource for all your needs! The way it works is you complete a long simple statistical survey. A computer generated list of all government services, programs and grants is made. This is a list specific to your answers and is complete with addresses and contact information. You will be amazed at how much help there is for you and you never knew! You will not be disappointed. Just recently benefits.gov added a video link to explain it all to you but I am sure you'll have no trouble.

You will find a wide variety of help and will be busy for some time accessing it all.

I hope and wish for a big heap of good luck to come your way real soon. I know it will. Bye for now and take care...

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