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Government Disability Grant Will Help Army And Navy Vet Get Travel Van

by Lacedrick Rice
(Tuscaloosa, Alabama, USA)

My name is Lacedrick Rice. After serving in the Army and Navy my adult life, I was discharged on December 15, 2002 from the U. S. Navy.

Disability Issues

Following my travel to the middle east, to be in the War on Terror, doctors found I had developed a mental disorder, severe Narcolepsy and other illnesses that limited my ability to serve.

Since I have been discharged, my rating has been raised to 100%, due to irreversibly worsening conditions, not to mention the medication needed for depression, high blood pressure and abnormal obesity.

I have a caregiver, since I can no longer drive. I cannot ask my caregiver to constantly harm her mode of transportation, to carry myself and my wheelchair to needed appointments, doctor visits, etc.

It is also hard for my caregiver to lift me into the car all the time, including the breaking down and setting up of my wheelchair.

Financial Hardship

I am in a chapter 13 bankruptcy and will be for a while.

After paying my house note, bankruptcy, household bills, my children's school fees, etc., I don't think I need 100 words to say I can't afford this piece of equipment.

Income Efforts

I have turned everywhere. My last hope is with the community for which I fought.

I did my part, no questions asked, now please help me.

Specific Needs

I simply need a travel van with an inside automatic lift for my wheelchair, and hopefully a full maintenance warranty and monthly gas stipend.

I am not begging, I am simply asking is it possible for the powers that be to grant me a van with an inside automatic lift, so that living will be a bit more comfortable for myself and my caregiver.

I have seen vets with these vans, and know they exist, I just can't afford one. My family and kids say it would make travel so much more enjoyable for us all.

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Aug 17, 2017
Thank you
by: Mrs Rice

I want to thank each of you for the information that you have given my husband. Here after this post LaCedrick passed away. He will never be forgotten and will always have and hold a special place in me and our 3 sons' hearts.

May 13, 2015
Accessible Van
by: SheilaKay Paris

Hi Lacedrick,

I'm not sure how long ago your story was published, and if there have been significant improvements in your situation, but I want to offer you my input, hoping it will help.

Much admiration and gratitude here, Lacedrick, for your service for me and everyone else. I sincerely appreciate what you have done, If it were in my power, I'd say 'pouf' and there would appear the most jazzed van suitable for what you need and tons of accessories to go with it.

Instead, let me help you another way. Besides here with Don's website, there is another he endorses that is also free for joining and participating in for your own benefit. This one is run by Brian Therrien called, the Disability Digest. You can access it here and he doesn't charge a penny:

Disability Digest

There is an abundance of information there that will help you get your van.

Many blessings,


Dec 27, 2012
Maybe There Is Help
by: Claudy


First Sir I thank you for your service to our country. All America appreciates your sacrifice and we are grateful to you.

Now I'm sure there must be help to get you to your appointments without using a caregiver's automobile. I am not sure if that means a grant for a vehicle or some type of accommodation to get you to and from where you need to go. There is a way to find out and I do know how you do that!

Go to a website called benefits.gov and take the survey of statistical questions. A computerized list of all government grants, programs and services is made specific to you and your answers. You will be amazed at all the help there is that you didn't know about.

You can print out the list or email it to yourself because it will include addresses and contact information. It is a great resource.

Just recently benefits.gov added a video link to explain everything but I think you'll have no trouble.

I think there will be help like you're asking for but if not you may ask your insurance for help getting to your appointments. Sometimes they provide that type of help.

You will find all kinds of help and a lot for problems you didn't mention.

I hope a bunch of good luck comes to you now and lucky New Year 2013 becomes the best year ever.

Take care...

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