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Government Education Grant To Help Stroke Disabled Man Get Masters

by Edwin A. Tremarco
(Eustis, FL, USA)

I am applying to college to further my education and take the next step in my life. I come from a military family and traveled around the country a lot.

After High school I decided to try to find myself. I went to college for a year and at the time was not ready to make the commitment.

After years of working different jobs gathering a lot of experience I finally had some idea of what I wanted to do. I can say, "been there done that" but I want to take myself to next level.

Long story short, my sister is just finishing her Bachelors. I look up to her and want to make her proud and finish something I started.

I had multiple strokes and seizures. Doctors said I would probably not amount to much due to the severity of the strokes.

Within three weeks I was talking and trying to walk (was not pretty ). Since then I was and still am determined to take the next step on increasing my mental, physical, and emotional state.

I have friends that have gone to school and are doing well. It is that which I am inspired. I want to take myself up to the next level.

I have come so far in the last year I want to inspire others to do the same. I am always looking for a new challenge.

I hope to obtain a great experience out of college and be able to share my talents not only with my friends but also with the world.

I am very creative and always looking for more ways to grow. I am trying to design my own web site, which would include: my story, goals, ambitions, and how I accomplished them, at the same time inspiring others that they can do the same thing.

In addition I'd like to focus on sharing and selling my creative knowledge and inspirations. I guess in a nutshell what I am trying to achieve is making myself a whole.

I have the talent and abilities to do so much and want take to the next level of combining everything on becoming more focused, furthering my talent into one grouping instead of a little here and a little there or being a scatterbrain.

I am looking forward to classes at home because it makes it easier for someone in my situation to advance in any predicament and still feel good about themselves.

I am still recovering from the strokes and seizures and have come a long way and want to go back to school.

Between doctor appointments and having off days it makes it hard to go to a school and concentrate.

Taking the courses at home I don't have the added stress and worries of trying to focus and meet my goals with the added pressure.

In conclusion I feel taking a course would be an inspiring achievement not just for me but maybe for others in my situation to say "Hey, if I can do this so can you!"

If I can inspire at least one person, the experience will have been well worth it.

I am asking for $ 50,000, which should cover me though my masters.

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