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Government Grant For Arthritis Disabled Man No Longer Providing For Family

by James
(Bunn, North Carolina, USA)

I'm a 51-year-old arthritis disabled man and I'm no longer able to work after having worked for the last 30+ years.

Up until three years ago I was working and able to provide for my family. Now I am completely disabled and unable to provide my family, except for the basic necessities they need.

I draw disability but now I have to pay for supplemental insurance, which is $350 a month and that takes away from what we need.

We are also trying to help out my mother in law who is living barely on widow benefits.

I am married and we have been married for 22 years. My wife is a wonderful person who is currently unemployed and trying as hard as she can to find a job and take care of the kids and me.

My kids are 14 and 17. Our daughter who is 17 is a senior in high school and works part time at Food Lion here in town to help us out.

Our son loves to hunt to try and fill the freezer with deer meat so that when we need to we have meat to eat.

I was a plumber and after 30+ years of plumbing, I have arthritis throughout my body.

I have had carpal tunnel surgery on both wrists.

They are telling me I need to have my knees replaced, and my back needs surgery for three ruptured discs I have in it. The discs are deteriorating.

I was finally approved this year for disability and I do draw a check every month. By the time we pay the bills there is hardly any left for extras.

I wish I could go back to work but that is not possible. I have spells where I have blacked out and woke up on the ground inside and outside. My health will not get any better. It will only get worse as time goes on.

I had to have supplemental insurance and it runs about $350 a month. That takes away from the extras we need. It takes all we can to make our bills as it is.

I am thankful to GOD that at least we were able to keep our home for our children's sake. I love to be outside but it is impossible for me to do that a lot without someone with me.

My wife is looking a job but has not been able to find one and I worry when she does what will happen to me while I am home alone. We need the extra income but at the same time I need her here to help me out.

I am taking about eight different medicines a day. I take them morning, lunch and dinner. The main pill I take is a morphine pill three times a day.

I want to go back to work but there is no way with the way my body is that I can. My wife's church has helped us in the past but they are hurting as well due to the economy.

I draw about $1600 month for disability but after the new supplemental insurance I will only have $1300 to pay bills, gas, medicines and groceries.

We do not qualify for food stamps and cannot afford insurance for my wife. Our kids do qualify for Medicaid, which helps out a lot.

I am looking for a way to help my wife get a job from home, to maybe be able to improve the land we live on. If we could improve it then she could get some people to board their horses here for extra income and that way she would be home with me.

I would love to find out how to get a four-wheeler so that maybe I could sit at the edge of the fields and hunt like I used to love to do. I am unable to climb deer stands now.

We have 16 acres (my wife's family land) that I would love to be able to fence in and build a small barn and riding ring to bring in boarders for her to make some money. Board would run $350 per month per horse.

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Dec 19, 2011
Some work close to home
by: Ken

Hi James,

I think if you have some land like that, a cattery can bring in some pretty good coin. Perhaps you could get a loan to build one, with you being disabled and all. Copy and paste this address into your browser:


It sounds like you like animals, and it is not too much work. You have family to help out too. Just a thought. Merry Christmas!


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