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Government Grant For Bipolar Disabled Man Seeks To Get Around More Easily

by DeWayne Deaver
(Houston, Texas, USA)

I am 47 years old, have never been married and have no children. I lost both my parents when I was young.

My day-to-day life is sometimes a struggle.

Disability Issues

I have Bipolar Disorder I, with depression and psychotic tendencies (my diagnosis).

I have been on and off different medications over the past seven years.

The last two years I have had three knee operations. My life just seems to be in a downward spiral from one day to the next.

Financial Hardship

I am on SSI ($698 a month). Of that, $450 is used for a room with my possessions in it.

Because of my disabilities, I can't do anything for extra income.

My medications work sometimes. It's like Russian roulette with bipolar medications.

I currently use a cane to get around (at the age of 47).

I also just found out my back is full of arthritis and I have three discs in my neck that are compressing on my spinal cord.

Earning Efforts

SSI will not let me work without holding from my check. I need every penny for food and clothing each new season.

Winter is coming up and I'm looking for warm weather clothes.

I'm without a vehicle.

When I can, I do use a couple of churches for food and clothes.

Specific Needs

I guess I am looking for a way to better way to live with all my disabilities, from bipolar to arthritis to knee surgeries.

Getting around is not easy for me, including rarely getting to stores or places of charity.

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