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Government Grant For Divorcee Struggling To Live Independently

by Cindy
(Louisville, Kentucky, USA)

I am a 49-year-old divorced female with two grown children. I love to bake and more importantly, I love sharing what I bake with my neighbors.

I have always had a positive attitude about my life and believe that the best way to live life is to leave the people I meet with a smile on their face.

If I hear about a neighbor struggling, I offer my assistance because many of my neighbors do not have family members to help out. I have three grandchildren that I love dearly.

Disability Issues

I have small fiber neuropathy affecting all of my sensory, peripheral and autonomic nerves. My problems began December 1994 but it was not until 1998 that a definitive diagnosis was made.

My type of neuropathy is incurable, chronic, degenerative and progressive. I was approved for federal social security disability in 1998 when I was in my early 30s, raising 2 small children.

Each day I wake up wondering what the latest task will be on my list of things I can no longer do and now I am struggling to continue living independently.

My nerves are so damaged that I cannot judge how hot or cold an object is. My body cannot regulate its temperature so I am susceptible to heat stroke in the summer and frost bite in the winter.

My cardiac nerves are damaged so at times my blood pressure will not regulate and I will not have typical warning signs for a heart attack or when my blood pressure drops causing me to faint.

Its a guessing game as to what function or organ will fail next. At times it is difficult to shower, and zippers and buttons are nearly impossible for me.

Tying my shoelaces is difficult, and there are times when wearing shoes is too painful. I face discrimination because of my age and outwardly I appear healthy.

I hate being pitied and continue to think creatively to accomplish what I can.

Financial Hardship

Many times I have had to choose seeing a doctor or getting my medications or buying food.

I rely on the public bus. Getting to the bus stops and boarding the bus is difficult and sometimes the pain or the weather is just too bad, leaving me homebound for days.

I just recently was prescribed a walker to help keep me mobile. My income does not allow for the luxury of taxis.

I struggle to afford healthy groceries.

I cannot afford available tools that would help with domestic chores like washing dishes, cleaning, doing laundry.

Paying the necessary monthly bills, seeing my doctors, paying for my medications, buying foods and other necessities is always a constant struggle.

There is just never enough money to make it to the end of the month.

Earning Efforts

I continued working full time for as long as I physically could because it was important to support my small children.

I do qualify for social security disability income.

The state of Kentucky pays my Medicare B premium and I qualify for extra help from the federal government that reduces the cost of my mediations.

I applied for but do not qualify for food stamps. I applied for but do not qualify because of my age for several programs including commodities.

I do receive an allotment of food each month from a church through the "Dare To Care" program.

Specific Needs

In order for me to continue to live independently as long as possible, I need to relocate to Tennessee to be closer to my sister. We have located an apartment a mile from her home but that was the easy part.

I am now faced with having the money necessary for the apartment security deposit, first month's rent and moving expenses. I am hoping to find grant money that will help with these expenses.

The plan is that I live in my own apartment as long as I safely can with help from my sister as needed, while she gets her home remodeled to accommodate my needs.

I need financial assistance, in the short term, relocating by my sister and financial assistance, in the long term, making the necessary additions and changes to my sisters home for me to live comfortably and safely so that I will not have to enter a nursing home.

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Nov 08, 2012
On your way to Tennessee
by: Ken

Hi Cindy,

Sorry to hear about your situation. I have peripheral neuropathy myself. Not a easy thing to live with. I can only suggest that you try this site to see what you are entitled to:


I hope this will help you in some way. There is lots of information there.

Best wishes,

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