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Government Grant For MS Disabled Woman To Repay Help From Others

by Jane Hummel
(Cary, IL, USA)

I was born in Ireland and adopted at one year old.

Most of my childhood was spent in hospitals and it seemed logical that I became a healthcare administrator for geriatrics and the mentally ill, for more than 38 years.

Until sidelined by MS and other chronic disabilities I was a workaholic and loved every minute. Now I am the one who needs help.

Disability Issues

I have a permanent disability status since April of 2008, even though during the diagnosis process, it became evident that I have had this disease for many years and thought it was stress or lack of sleep.

I have no family history to help in research but have a strong sense of faith and determination.

Financial Hardship

Prior to being diagnosed with MS, I was in a domestic-violent relationship with a person who threatened to hurt me and/or my children if he did not have money.

I kidded myself that that could not happen to me, that I was the counselor not the victim.

I was wrong. He was a criminal narcissist and when I finally stood up for myself I was attacked and received 47 stitches in my face.

The blunt head trauma triggered a firestorm of illnesses and sidelined most of my normal life.

I left a trail of debts both personal and commercial to the tune of almost $30K. I have no way to make restitution other than the help from this website.

Income Efforts

I have been blessed with Social Security Disability and two years after I was granted the permanent disability status, my Medicare became active.

I get help with the cost of medication ($4650 per month) and food but after I help with my housing there is little left to repay anyone.

My community programs have helped with utility companies and friends have been saints with help if anything went wrong.

I have to repay theses people and the commercial debt on my credit report.

Specific Needs

What I seek is a grant of $30,000 to repay all debts so that I can restore my credibility.

I allowed a person in my life that not only used up all of my savings and forced the loans from friends in exchange for non-violence against my children.

I know now how outrageous my outlook must have been and I feel in my heart that I need to find a way to repay those who helped me.

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