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Government Grant For Multiply Disabled Woman To Erase Medical Expenses

by Julie Borgioni
(Jacksonvile, Florida, USA)

I am 36 years old and have multiple debilitating conditions that continue to get worse each day, as I cannot afford the basic medicines needed to treat my conditions.

At 17 I was diagnosed with endometriosis that progressed very rapidly in my early 20s as my doctors at this time suggested that I continue to try to get pregnant.

Following the doctors' recommendations I became pregnant five times and had five miscarriages. This made my endometriosis worse and at this time I began working with a specialist who made every attempt through surgery to correct the damage being done by the abnormal cells.

I had six surgeries in two months, had a bowel resection, and lost a significant portion of my bladder (although there is still severe damage to my bladder.

In addition to the bowel resection and loss of 40% of bladder function I was given a partial hysterectomy, then a full hysterectomy and one more surgery to attempt to remove the abnormal cells, scar tissue and lesions.

Of course at this time I was forced into menopause, which caused osteoporosis and many other premature issues.

As I began to have chronic wide spread pain I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At this time I began to perform poorly at work, if I could get out of bed to get to work.

I was let go from a well paying job and lost my insurance. The next year I noticed my joints deteriorating and was then diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis.

As there was no insurance to cover any further tests and medication I began to deteriorate even further with severe depression, anxiety and insomnia.

Through all this I still tried to work even though I would be let go from two more positions because of the inability to work every day and handle the stress from the management positions I was working in.

Eventually my doctors told me that I could no longer work and I applied for disability in 2006 and was denied.

So I tried working for another year and a half until I could on most days not sit, stand or walk. I was unable to handle the simplest of jobs.

At this time my doctors advised that I could not work any longer, in fact working was making my conditions worse.

I could not afford the necessary testing and the medications needed to stop my deterioration.

I applied for disability again in October of 2006 and of course was denied again. I applied based on my doctors (and there had been many by this point) as well as social security's own doctor's stating that I could not work.

At this time I hired a lawyer to assist with the Social Security administration and hearings. During the time we waited for a judge to meet with me I lost my residence and I became homeless.

I had a hearing in January of this year with a judge who has never paid anyone under 50. The hearing was a joke as the judge walked into it knowing she had no intention of paying me. This is even though the vocational expert present at the hearing at the judge's request stated on the record that I could not work.

I now have to appeal her decision and wait for a federal court to appeal the decision. I am growing weaker each day, cannot get tests needed to prolong my life or at the very least can offer alternatives for a better quality of life.

I am told that it may be up to two years for my appeal to be heard. I have no source of income, cannot afford to see the doctors that can help me, cannot afford to eat and I fear that I will die before I even get to appeal the recent decision.

I have looked into several charity organizations in my area. Unfortunately no services are available for me, as I do not have children.

My marriage is suffering due to the stress of my illnesses and I fear that I will lose my only caregiver or worse, die before I can get the help that I need.

I do not know where to turn but continue to contact many, many organizations for assistance, only to be sent away.

I have asked for help from Congresswoman Corrine Brown as well as State Senator Bill Nelson.

I do not know where else to turn and I am very frightened at where my life is. I'm desperate for treatment, assistance with medical/prescription and counseling.

My husband has lost his job and we rely solely on $550 every two weeks of unemployment.

I never thought that I would become disabled at my young age and then be denied Social Security benefits, as I worked from the age of 14.

I am in desperate to make my situation better and have been shot down at every turn.

If anyone can point me to a government grant or any other assistance, it would be much appreciated.

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Feb 04, 2013
Hope this helps
by: Kim Hubbard

I am sorry to hear of the things you are going through. Please go to https://www.ability-mission.org/benefits and there will be a series of questions for you to answer that will guide you to grants/monies etc. that you might qualify for, based on a variety of things. There are programs out there that are not always common knowledge and you never know. Please keep us posted and God bless!

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