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Government Grant For Multiply Disabled Woman To Get Accessible Shower

by Kim McCoy
(Statesville, NC, USA)

My name is Kim McCoy. I was born with an extrophy of the bladder and a deformed pelvic girdle.

Before age five, I had 13 major surgeries. My urinary tract was placed in my rectum and I was given a colostomy.

Not only did the doctors tell my parents that I would never walk but that I would probably not live past age 10.

My legs were horizontal at birth and had to be broken so they could be pulled together. I walked at age four and have survived now to age 54.

I graduated high school at age 18 and attended two years of college. I worked mostly as a waitress until 2000.

I am currently receiving Social Security Disability. I work part-time answering the phone for a therapist. She forwards all of her calls to a cell phone and I don't have to leave home to do the job. I live on $1237 per month.

I have had a total of 31 major surgeries over the past 54 years. I have spent my entire life sick with urinary tract infections and kidney stones.

I now suffer from osteoarthritis, acute kidney failure, fibromyalgia and Type 2 diabetes. I suffer from acute pain from my waist to my knees because of the deformity of my pelvic girdle.

I also suffer from the pain of arthritis and fibromyalgia. I cannot take any anti-inflammatory medicines because of my kidney failure so I do suffer a great deal.

Recently I have been having problems getting my leg over the tub to get into the tub to take a shower. I got a shower chair but I can't swing my legs over the tub.

The doctors say exercise is the only way for me not to end up in a wheelchair. I would go to the YMCA and get in the pool but I can't get in a public pool because of bacteria.

What I would like to have grant money for is a walk-in shower and one of those resistance pools for exercise.

If I could get help with these things, I would be able to remain in my home. I could remain independent a while longer and not end up in the nursing home at the government's expense.

I didn't plan for my life to end up this way. I have certainly given it my best, but now I need help and I am not ashamed to ask for it.

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Feb 22, 2016
Hang in there Kim
by: Anonymous

Hi Kim,

I hope that you received the help that you asked for. You are a delightful person, and I am sorry that you are having a difficult time.

Mar 12, 2013
Unknown benefits...
by: Don from Ability-Mission.org

Hi Kim,

There's a terrific government site that helps you find the benefits you are entitled to. Many don't know about it. Go to the following page for step by step instructions on how to use the site:


Let us know what you find, okay?

All the best!
Don from Ability-Mission.org

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