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Government Grant For PTSD Disabled Woman To Live Independently

by Shakeela Tillman
(Lexington Harvey, IL, USA)

I just want to open my letter by saying that I think you are doing a good thing for people, even if you don't get the opportunity to help everyone!

My name is Shakeela Tillman and I have a learning disability. I am 26 years old with a fifth grade level education. If you're wondering how I am able to spell some words correctly, it's because I'm getting help or using a dictionary.

For years I've been depending on others to help me, but now I want to help myself. My family hates me because of this. I suffer from severe depression and PTSD, something I've been dealing with since I can remember, so my family says.

I was wondering if there are any grants that people with disabilities can obtain, such as grants for apartments or schooling and any other people with disability programs. I really need to be on my own. I need to know I can make it on my own.

I think I need about $10,000 for an apartment and school. I'm not sure how much I will need for transportation yet, because they are talking about taking free rides from people with disability, or so I heard.

I'm not sure if I'm writing you correctly but my time feels like it's running out and I feel like I'm asking the wrong people for help. In fact I know I am.

It's only a matter of time before they kill me. That's just a joke, or at least I hope it is. Time will tell because they hate me so much. Everyday I want to break down, and some days I do. But I will never let them see that.

I'm sick of them calling me lazy and slow when they just don't give a hoot. Maybe it's because the problem starts with them, but they wouldn't admit it. They would just keep pointing the finger and I point one back.

I'm sick of this. Since I was two years old they've been mistreating me. And because I'm older and there are so many untold secrets about my family that no one outside this family knows. I keep getting threats from them and nasty words thrown at me cause I'm not yet independent.

They told me since I'm depressed that if they was to kill me that they would say it was suicide. Please hear the words I say because I'm getting help from nowhere else.

My sister says she's going into law enforcement so when they finally do kill me that she would be able to cover it up. I hope like heck that they are just trying to scare me.

I really hope you can help me. And don't take my letter as a joke please. Oh and if you get a letter saying this was a joke throw it away. Because I'm serious!

If anything was to happen to me and someone else is using my name, a security question to be asked is what was my favorite book growing up. The answer to that question would be Chocolate Fever.

If they can't answer questions only I would know between the ages of two and six then they're not me because I was in foster care at the time. And they wouldn't know.

I need help ASAP because if they are kidding that's a terrible thing or joke to be saying to someone that since she was a little girl who's been dealing with all kinds of abuse. I don't trust no one and I need someone to trust.

Please Help! Please Help! I really need to start with my own place. OK yes I'm stubborn because it's hard to take help from them when they try to mistreat me. When they do that I don't want their help.

I'm tired of being stabbed in the back. There are too many knives. I believe one day I can make it. I just need help from the right services. Sincerely, Shakeela Tillman.

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