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Government Grant For Work Accident Disabled Man Needing Student Loan Relief

by Carlos
(Los Angeles, California, USA)

I am a 28-year-old work accident disabled unmarried man with no kids.

I always imagined that by this point in my life I would have had a respectable career, started a family and had life pretty much all figured out.

I loved being an active individual, always on the move with a goal in mind. I began running marathons a few years back and it quickly became a passion of mine.

Another passion of mine was food, so I went to school and got an Associate's degree in Culinary Arts and a Bachelor's degree in Food Service Management.

A few months ago I hurt myself at work. I herniated a disc and it was pretty much a downward spiral from there.

It started with a small nagging pain in my backside but quickly became an unbearable pain shooting down my right leg. The doctor now suspects nerve damage.

I was put on workers comp for a few months, went through physical therapy, chiropractic, and tons of painkillers. I am now on State Disability.

I suffer every day from when I try to roll out of bed to when I go to sleep and throughout the night. It hurts to sit, it hurts to stand and it hurts to walk.

I cant stay lying down for too long because it makes it harder to get up when I rest.

I am in a constant state of restlessness and I cannot sleep at night because I get anxiety attacks, which has led to depression.

After about four months of being bedbound I began to feel better. I started walking around more with minimal discomfort.

I knew that if I stayed out any longer I would get replaced as assistant manager and have to return as a regular employee. So I decided that I wanted to return to work.

Unfortunately not even two weeks after my return, my employer decided to let me go for "unrelated reasons." Even worse still, I had re-injured myself leading up to my final day.

It all happened so fast that I didn’t have a chance to report it. So after six years of faithful service, I was left out to dry. I now don’t have a job, and disability does not cover what I use to make.

My biggest hardship now is the fact that I can't afford to pay off my student loans. I owe close to $80,000 for my bachelor's degree, which I can no longer use.

The payments are $750 a month and will continue until I'm 47 years old, and I'm only 28.

I wanted to go back to school so I can get a degree that would allow me to work around my injury, but that means getting into more debt, and that is just not wise.

Paying it off on my own is no longer realistic. I have to hold off on important things, like getting married and building a family, until I can figure this out.

After I was terminated from my job, I refused to go into disability. I kept telling myself that the pain would pass and that I needed to find a job to cover my expenses.

It proved harder than I had expected. If it paid well, I needed to be able to do managerial work AND heavy lifting.

If it allowed me to work around my injury, it paid close to minimum wage, which doesn’t even cover my rent and bills, not to mention my outstanding student loan payments.

It seemed that everyone was afraid to hire the guy with physical restrictions on his application. Of course they would never own up to that.

The pain did not go away. To the contrary, it got worse. On my last interview I was in so much pain that I couldn’t focus.

I was in tears in the waiting room. I can't even remember how the actual interview went. I just remember wanting to get to my ice pack as soon as possible.

After that I decided to go into disability. If I couldn’t even handle a simple interview there was no way I could handle a job.

What I am looking for is financial relief. I need to pay off my student loans as soon as possible so I can actually have a chance of living a life.

If I can pay off my student loans I will go to school again, to get a degree that offers more opportunities and higher paying job so I can actually afford to pay off the student loans.

I need grants to pay off my student loans, and a little extra to go to school again and get a second chance.

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Jul 30, 2012
Some answers for you
by: George

I also fell at my job and herniated four discs. They told me I also have deteriated spine and disc disease. They took me off of state disability and now I am on social security disability. I am 58 years old so my back will not recover. I do not get much, but I also had a student loan. Go to the creditor's web site, and find a form about dismissing your student loan. They will forgive it for two reasons: financial hardship that will not change, or a physical/mental handicap. They will require lots of paperwork from accredited doctors. If it's physical you have to have a doctor of D.O. that works with bones. If it's mental it has to be a psychiatrist, not a counselor or psychologist. They are very picky about this and as far as I know there is no grant to pay your student loan. Also once if it is forgiven you cannot get another for at least 10 years. You are between a rock and a hard place. They will give you a grant to open a business but you have to write a business plan. You can get free software to help you with this at download.com. Other than that I suggest you start praying, read your bible and go to church. All in all don't give up. Here's one other piece of advice. If you sit in a recliner, reclined at 20 degrees it will ease the pain on your lower spine. I live in mine, even sleep in it. With the problem you're having you may want to have your leg tested for nerve damage. It is called an EMG and will tell you if it is damaged permanently or just a pinched nerve. If it is the latter, they can do laser therapy on the offending nerve thus stopping your pain. But that will take you off of disability and you would have to go to work somewhere. I suggest if they approve your treatment, have your lawyer settle with the first job and then you should have enough money to get a good job. It works on 90% of those kinds of injuries. It didn't work for me as I am permanatly disabled for the rest of my life. So GOD BLESS and don't give up!

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