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Government Grant Help Needed For Deserving Ski Accident Disabled Man

by Sam
(Roswell, New Mexico, USA)

I'm a 19-year-old single guy. I was born in Dallas, Texas and grew up in several different cities with many different people.

When I was 14, I moved to NM with my father and left when I was 15 because there was so much violence and drug abuse.

Whenever I have lived with my family it's a physical fight several times a week, and threats/arguments two or three times a day.

So I started living with friends and trying to make it on my own. I've lived in several places in Texas and New Mexico. I've been in Virginia, Georgia, South Carolina and Mississippi trying to find a permanent place to stay.

I made it all the way through school and a little bit of college. I had many odd jobs working on permaculture farms, gardens, nurseries and everything was going well until I went skiing and had my accident.

I had a skiing accident in Mescalero, NM that knocked me out for hours. It caused some brain damage. I can't remember much and it's hard for me to understand things.

It also causes me to sometimes walk in a weird way. I can barely talk and hold a conversation most of the time.

I am unable to work right now because no one will hire me with my disability. Whenever I do find a job I lose it very quickly, but I am still looking for one.

It's hard for me to get anywhere because I'm not supposed to drive, and I live five miles from school and town.

I had a job for a while through a friend but I lost it 'cause I kept messing up and couldn't remember stuff or follow directions.

My brain has gotten a lot worse since then. I'm trying to find a job right now but no one will hire me because I can't do a whole lot.

I'm trying to get grants so I can go to school. I'm also trying to apply for SSI but it's not going very well.

I need help to figure out what to do. I'm trying to get SS, benefits, grants, anything, but I need help going about it.

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