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Government Grant Money To Help Mentally Disabled Woman With Debt Relief

by Lila Manar
(Las Vegas, Nevada, USA)

My name is Lila Manar. I'm 55 years old. My yearly income from SSDI is $7788. I'm looking for grant money for debt relief.

I have mental disabilities, with chronic lung disease (COPD). I cannot work at all anymore. I live on my SSDI, with Medicaid only. This has forced me to live way under the poverty level in an unhealthy home for my condition.

By the time I pay my bill each month, I can't afford a pair of new underwear.

I have a chemical imbalance in my brain. My brain will not produce the proper levels of the two chemicals it needs. This causes major depression at times, and anxiety to the point of manic disorder.

It is controllable with proper medicine, but once my body gets immune to the meds, I have to start over and find new meds that will control the chemicals. Then I am a guinea pig for a while, until we find one that works for me.

I need some major home improvements done to my current living conditions. This is the only way to be able to live with my disease with any kind of comfort.

I can't breathe in my home very well, because of all my old furnishings. My doctor has informed me that I need a to have clean air, dust-free home environment.

My 30 something year old furniture is harmful to my health, due to all the chemicals it has collected over the years from smoking, dust and just normal wear and tear. It is too old to clean and is releasing harmful chemicals in the house.

My dentures never fit properly, so I have a problem chewing my food right. Implants will correct this problem.

I would like to clear up all my personal loans and my credit card debt and pay off ambulance bills. All my medical debt has gone to collections.

Now that I'm on total disability I will never be able to get the funds for any improvement for the quality of my life.

Thank you for any help you can point me to.

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Jul 03, 2011
In The Same Boat
by: Anonymous

I also have a very similiar situation and cannot afford to make any updates or home improvements to the home I live in which has been in our family for a couple of hundred years. I can feel for this lady and know if her situation is in any way like mine it is so depressing and you will try anything to get help.

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