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Government Grant Needed For Cerebral Palsy Disability Advocate

by James
(Macon, GA, USA)

I am 28 years old and have lived my entire life with cerebral palsy. Fearing it to get worse, I'm writing now to ask for help getting a government disability grant.

I have spent many years in physical therapy and have had two surgeries in my lifetime and I hope not to have any more unless it would cure me or make my daily life better.

I hope to work with one of the many foundations that are out there for moral support and research for cerebral palsy. I think that this is one disease that has been overlooked for way too long.

Many disabled people such as myself sill have a better life -- and it has been a dream of mine to tell my story to others like me. The obstacles I have overcome, the pain and agony it took me to get where I am at, and the goals that I have been able to reach and exceed.

I feel that I have a story to tell that is worth hearing to many people in the disabled community and wish that I could start an organization geared in providing hope and the tools to give each disabled individual the drive and motivation to aspire to live a "normal life." I have accomplished much in my life: college degree, full time job, life partner and so much more.

I would like the chance to start my organization, to help others like me but I need some help doing it. The type of job I hold down is not one that I will be able to do forever.

I accumulated debt in my early adult years, the usual credit cards and living above my means. I would like to have a fresh start and to be able to buy a home and get out of the apartment that I have called home for 10 years.

I also hope that being a disability advocate and motivational speaker can become my full time job. I know this is what would make me happy and I would be devoted to it 200%.

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