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Government Grant Needed For COPD And PAD Disabled Man To Get Surgery

by Dennis D. Lambert
(Cherry Valley, Arkansas, USA)

I am a 61-year-old man that lives alone and suffers with COPD, high blood pressure and PAD. I have been disabled since 2003. I'm on oxygen at all times.

Three months ago I went through surgery on a 90%-blocked artery in the right side of my neck. That cost me over $20,000.

I have Medicare but that won't cover all of it. Also the left side is 65% blocked up and one in my left arm is 100% blocked up.

I tried to get a equity loan on my house for $25,000 but they turned me down because they said I had bad credit. They are wrong about my credit, but it doesn't help.

My son and his family can't help because they are having trouble too. My son lost all his fingers on his right hand a few years back at a factory. He went back working there until they closed their doors and sold the company.

The company that bought it would not hire him and neither would every place else. He got a part-time job from a Baptist church and that's all they will let him work.

His wife works but they can still hardly provide for themselves and their two kids. There is a lot of job discrimination around here.

The doctors said that my COPD and blocked arteries are due to smoking for 42 years. I don't smoke any longer but the damage is done. Too bad the money the states got out of the tobacco companies can't help me.

Thank you for your time and for letting me know of any government grants or benefits I might be entitled to.

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