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Government Grant Needed To Help Pay Medical Bills And Renew Independence

by Daryl Koncilya
(Lewistown, MT, USA)

I am 21 years old. I come from a family of much disarray and chaos. My father left my mother when I was still an infant, less than a year old. I grew up as the man in the family, and I knew even then, that I would become a strong, independent person.

After graduating High School, and spending some time in college, only to move right into the work force, I became a very independent person. I never went anywhere near into debt and always managed to get by. Life was going great, until the day I broke my foot.

I was moving some shelves around, and my grip slipped, dropping a 1,000 lb metal shelf directly on top of my foot. It decimated the talus bone through my steel-toe boots.

After going through two months in a walking brace, it didn't heal right, and the bone beneath the talus beaked up into it, and healed that way. Now each step I take sends pain shooting through my leg.

Since then my hours were drastically cut at work, and being from a small town, there was really no option of going anywhere else to work, so I continued working with my reduced hours.

Now doctor bills are piling up, and I need to have surgery to fully recover from the break, and its money that I just don't have to pay for these. I have been forced to move back in with my grandparents, but they too, are low on money, and cannot pay for this.

A government grant would do so much for me, even if I could just get rid of the emergency room bill, it would take a small load off my mind.

People ask me if it hurts when they see me walking in the brace. Every time I hear this question, I know they are asking about my foot, but that's not what hurts the most... what hurts is not being able to be the strong person I have been my entire life.

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