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What Government Grant Programs Can People With Disabilities Apply To?

Updated December 1, 2016

Government grant programs are plentiful, but even more so for people with disabilities. How can that be? Simple! If you're disabled, you're not excluded from applying to all programs.

On the other hand, those who are not disabled may not apply for grants and benefits intended only for those with disabilities.

You want to access ALL the free government giveaways you're entitled to, right? Well, you have to apply for disability grants and benefits and there's definitely a proper way to do that.

That "proper way" involves putting something in writing. You won't get anywhere unless it's in writing. And that's where we enter the picture.

You speak from the heart and tell your story using a simple template that gathers key information in a certain way. We then edit and polish your message as needed to make sure it looks and sounds good.

You could start right now if you like. Or just window-shop. Whether you're looking or doing, it won't cost you a penny because we charge nothing for this service. So, are you...

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Disability grants and benefits include more than just money. You can get counseling, books, equipment, and so on. In other words, you can get just about anything to make your world a better place.

The world of government grants and benefits is big and complex. We've divided it up into the following categories to make it simpler for you to explore.

1. Free Government Grant Applications

Because of the hype we see everywhere, many people believe that all you have to do is fill out a simple form to get some free money from the government.

The reality is quite different. Grant applications are usually quite lengthy. We have some examples that show what it really takes to get a grant.

Let us show you the right approach to finding and making an application for free government grants.

2. Available Government Grants

Just about everyone wastes too much time and energy chasing after benefits that they're simply not eligible for, not to mention grants that just do not exist, except in imaginative hype! Learn more here:

You can and should apply to all the programs that are AVAILABLE TO YOU. This means all the disability grants and benefits you're eligible for. Find out how. Start by clicking the above link.

3. The CFDA Catalog

The Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance is the master source of the thousands of available government grants and benefits programs administered by the federal government.

The CFDA is a catalog. It is not a granting agency. Learn more here:

This link takes you to our CFDA page. It has great tips on how to save time using the CFDA Catalog.

4. Business Grants

Businesses account for a huge share of government grant programs. Disabled or not, the entrepreneur-minded person can access public funding of some sort or another. Learn more here:

This link is to a page that explains how aspiring entrepreneurs, disabled or not, can find what's available by way of government grant programs. You'll be surprised at the recommended approach.

5. Personal Grants

Most visitors to this site are interested in personal government grants. Even though personal grants are part of the total of available government grant programs, there's a right way to go about getting what you deserve.

Avoid doing things the wrong way. Learn more here:

This link brings you to a page that explains how an individual can personally access available government programs for grants and benefits. Expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed.

6. Find Grants Online

Before you can even think about "writing government grants" you have to find a granting agency. Your best option is to search a large online database of organizations that lists government grant programs and other benefits.

This can be a long and frustrating process, especially if you're doing it for the first time. We offer tips though to make it easy. Learn more here:

The above link brings you to a page that shows how you can access one of the largest and best known online databases for US federal, state and other government grant programs.

7. Writing Grant Proposals

Most people talk about "writing government grants." What does that mean? Technically, you do not write a grant; you write an application for a grant. But everyone uses the term grant writing, so we use it freely.

In fact, here at Ability-Mission.org, we include not only disability grants, but also any kind of benefit. Learn more here:

The above link takes you to a treasure trove of information about accessing government programs of grants and benefits. Not to be missed!

So what's your next step?

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