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Government Grant To Buy Therapy Pool For RSD Disabled Woman

by Susan Engelbach
(Pottsboro, TX, USA)

I am a 57-year-old female. I have three great children and five awesome grandkids. I was an airport safety inspector contracted to TSA.

I have worked in the safety field for over 15 years. I also worked in the medical field and as a GIS technician for the City of Durant in southern Oklahoma.

Disability Issues

I have bilateral RSD in the upper extremities, a torn rotator cuff, bilateral carpal tunnel syndrome in both wrists and impingements in the right shoulder.

While I was working as an airport safety inspector my shoulder developed a tear and I developed impingements in the right shoulder and bilateral carpel tunnel syndrome in both wrists.

I contacted my employer immediately, but they took so long accepting the claim that it turned into RSD in both upper extremities.

We have found out I cannot take most drugs used to treat this condition. I am also unable to have the Stella ganglion block as the first one caused a very critical rash on my head, neck and arms.

I went to the local emergency room for treatment for the rash. I told the emergency room doctor I could not tolerate cortisone or steroids.

He said no one was allergic to them and without my knowledge had the nurse give me the shot anyway. The nurse led me to believe it was a tetanus shot.

The rash spread over my whole body and took two months to go away. I am permanently 100% disabled.

Financial Hardship

The government health officials and all the specialists in RSD state that long-term aquatics therapy is the best treatment along with drug therapy.

My workers compensation insurance has refused to allow me any more aquatics therapy and physical therapy.

The only way for me to slow down the RSD is to have my own physical therapy pool in my home.

I cannot be in the direct sunlight for more than 20 minutes or my skin starts boil. All my therapy needs to be performed inside.

If I were able to perform my physical therapy every day, hopefully the RSD will slow down and I will be in less pain and I might be able to do my daily living activities.

I cannot afford an endless pool (therapy pool) for my home. I need help to purchase and install the therapy pool and therapy equipment I need.

Income Efforts

I have applied and received SSDI and I have workers compensation benefits but I cannot hold any kind of job as my hands and arms do not work.

I do not have any family that can help. They are ill and my father, mother and brother depend on me to help them.

My brother has had Parkinson's for 10 years. He is in very bad shape.

Specific Needs

I need a grant to purchase and install an endless aquatics physical therapy pool in my home.

The grant should also include therapy equipment and protective covering over the pool to reduce the rays of the sun.

The pool will allow me to have a better daily life and live with less pain.

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