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Government Grant To Help Accident Pain Disabled Man Lead Productive Life

by Carey Usher
(Richmond, Indiana, USA)

I am a 46-year-old husband married to current wife since May 8, 2005. We have no kids.

I never served in military due to my disability stemming from early childhood years.

We've been renting a house here in Richmond, Indiana since August of last year. We never have owned a home.

Disability Issues

My disability issues actually began in 1990.

I used to work in a food processing plant in Harrison, Ohio. I worked six days a week back then. I drove 43 miles to work, then back each day.

During the holiday seasons, I never saw the light of day. That is because when I left for work, it was 2:30 in the morning and when I got home it was 8:00 pm.

Those 12-hour days were hard on me. By working like that I was wearing out my left leg.

Years before I started working at the plant, at age 10, I had a very serious accident that became a life changer.

I had my left leg shattered so bad that it called for steel plates and screws to hold bones in place. I spent five years going through five operations while I was growing.

Needless to say I tried to be active by working after getting older. Then what added to the problem is I had been in four auto wrecks before becoming disabled.

Things got worse for me as time progressed after the 4th wreck. I still walk but there are times I need to use wheelchair.

If I walk too much I suffer pain and it's hard to walk for a day or two. I do the best I can to deal with such pain in my left foot.

Financial Hardship

As for my financial hardship, I don't enjoy life like normal people. My wife is same way. She too is disabled and in a power chair now.

I do most of chores possible and the grocery shopping. We stay home a lot.

I have bad credit. I know without checking. My wife also has bad credit. Most is due to hospital or doctor bills that insurance neglected to pay or wouldn't pay.

As for me I miss being able to work. It is so hard to enjoy life to the fullest on disability, as I do not get that big of a check anyhow.

I would like nothing more than to start my own kind of business, as I could better myself and not depend on SSD checks.

It would make me feel liberated from boredom.

Income Efforts

About six years ago I went to a seminar on getting a government grant to start up a business. That turned out to be waste of my time and gas traveling there.

Getting such a grant involved a lot of red tape and more to the point, they wanted me to hire at least six people and do more than I planned right at first.

It seemed they were making it hard to even apply for such a grant at that time. It seemed like they were deterring you from making any attempts to trying for a grant.

I checked into work-at-home opportunities and found all to be get-rich-quick schemes, such as those surveys you do online for pay.

They say they pay so much for doing survey. At the end of it they require you to sign up with a sponsor (and pay for something).

Bigpoint.com has several so-called survey-for-pay catches. They all do the same. You get in debt with paying for something.

There are product-testing scams as well. I know others have learned this also. Take a survey to get an IPad or a Walmart gift card. At the end, you have register to pay for something from a sponsor of it.

Scams have become so vast in last 10 years.

Specific Needs

I just want to get a grant to start my own business or to make my life better as to not depend on SSD checks.

And I want to feel like a productive person in society, giving rather than receiving. In my best hopes, I would want to even employ some people.

I have different businesses I would like to start. It would end the boredom in my life. I need to feel useful and productive again.

I need to feel alive.

Business Idea

One business idea concerns buying houses or buildings to fix up and flip for a profit. So many like that are in my area here.

If I had a backer who wanted to invest in this kind of real estate venue, it would be very profitable, just in Wayne County alone, not to mention Fayette County as well.

A few years back I was trying to get into doing T-shirts for biking events, starting with bike week in Daytona Beach Florida. (I used to live there for eight years.)

Several events around the United States each year bring in over $250,000 in profits per year.

I still have a Heat Press machine. I bought it used and made small payments until it was paid off.

Another idea is to start a diner style coffee and teashop, with snacks. My mother says a lot of time. "Son you missed your calling." If I could do as good as my grandmother was, it would be awesome in that business.

I also have about 60 invention ideas that would be very profitable possibly worth millions. I have no financing to get them going.

An invention company wanted $950 on a first invention in December 2011. I didn't have that money growing of trees, so that blew that out of the water.

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Feb 20, 2013
Law suit
by: Anonymous

I'm pretty sure it's illegal to work you for that long on that shift. That's why they have rotating shifts. The human body was not designed to only be in the dark. It has a psychological effect. Just saying. That's why cops for example cannot only work a C shift, in other words, work from 10 pm to 6 am and then sleep during the day. You may want to check into that. This company you worked for should know that, right?

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