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Government Grant To Help Disabled Troy Move Into Doublewide Home

by Troy Harrell
(Sacramento, California, USA)

My name is Troy Andrew Harrell. I am a 47-year-old male. I have one child and her name is Roxylee.

I live with my mother Frances and stepfather John in Sacramento, California. I was born in there, but have lived all over including Pennsylvania, Nevada and Texas.

I have a dog named Kotipelto who has been on the local news four or five times including Good Day Sacramento with Mark S. Allen.

Kotipelto can hold his breath underwater while retrieving his toys in my mom's pool. I spend my days with him out in the garage at my mom's house.

Disability Issues

I will not confess my disability issues. I feel I will curse myself and make them worse by saying their names with my own lips. The issues are in the mind.

I have been to Nevada State Prison where I spent weeks in a strip cell. I was then transferred to another unit and then transferred to another facility then another.

I ended up finishing my time in a medical camp called Warm Springs up near Carson City, Nevada.

I truly believe all my issues are demonic in nature. I've been seeking help through The Blood of The Lord Jesus Christ and my deliverance process.

I have taken many different medications and not one has helped me. In fact, they have done nothing but had made things worse.

It took me two years to completely come off the meds. I suffered many types of after-effects from stopping the medication including seizures that I never told anyone about.

All my medical records are readily available to the government agencies if needed.

Financial Hardship

Money is always a problem as with so many other disabled folks.

Most of the SSI benefits go to rent and food living with my folks. When I get paid from the government, my money is immediately gone for food, rent and Internet/cable.

I am currently paying back Social Security for the insurance money that I got a few years ago for not reporting it.

I did fill out the form so I could get it expelled and they expelled it, but three weeks later they said it was not expelled so now they take money out of my benefits.

Income Efforts

I have had over 33 work jobs documented and many jobs undocumented in my life.

I have never had any grants, inheritances or the like except a few years ago when my mom cashed in an insurance policy and I received $1,200.

The only other significant amount of money I have ever had was when I was awarded $18,000 that was split into two payments. I do not remember exactly when I received this money but think it was in 2002 or 2003.

I have never possessed a credit card of any kind. I have only had a debit card since I was put on SSI.

Specific Needs

My specific needs come in the form of wanting financial support for two acres of land in Terry, Mississippi. It has a nice doublewide mobile home that was built in 1998 and that needs improvements.

It needs a new septic tank. I can provide rent to own documents from the people who bought the land for me. They got a really great deal on the property and it was purchased specially to house me.

They have blessed me with this opportunity and I want to take full advantage of it and do what I can legally to get it paid off or, at least get any and all legal governmental help I can find.

My rent to own agreement will be $600 a month for six years not including utilities. It would have been $600 for five years but we did not know it needed a new septic system so another year was added.

I need help as soon as possible. I really need and want to move out of my parents' house to be on my own finally with a roof over my head.

The good people who bought the property have maxed out their credit cards to help me and I need to pay them back as soon as possible.

I am sure there is a governmental program that can help in some kind of way.

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