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Government Grant To Help Mom With Many Disabilities Get Accessible Home

by Kevin Nagle
(Chaseburg, Wisconsin, USA)

Hello, my name is Kevin Nagle and I am writing for my wife Monica who is 37 years old and disabled.

My wife has endured a lot in the past six years. She has had four back surgeries and is still having lots of trouble just to function everyday.

The doctors have her on so much medicine trying to find anything that will work while still trying to diagnose her hip and leg problems.

Her cholesterol is high, and she has blood pressure problems and other issues, such as getting light headed and dizzy.

We rent a two-story house and she has fallen down the steps on occasion, thankfully not too serious.

She really needs a one-story house so she can function with out the worry of really getting hurt.

We have a 15-year-old daughter, 8-year-old daughter and 6-year-old son. She has missed a lot in there life because she is limited on what she can do.

Just everyday things are a struggle or cannot be done. Regular household chores she can't handle.

I work full time trying to pay the bills and just trying to have enough money to stay afloat but with doctor bills and medication we are slowly sinking.

I just want to make life a little easier for her and pray that someday somebody will help just to give her a chance to feel a little more alive.

She has therapy weekly and they would like her to try a hot tub weekly and massages but it is so expensive that she has to sacrifice and not do them.

She has problems with muscle control and balance and they're checking her for fibromyalgia.

Her back fusion has no bone fusion as it is just hardware. She has nerve damage and a stimulator in her back.

She takes one step forward and then something else pushes her two back.

She is very giving and does everything she can for everybody and never asks for anything in return. I watch her everyday and see in her eyes the pain and suffering she endures.

Please can anybody help just to make life just a little easier for my wife so she can try to enjoy each day just a little, to see her smile brings tears of joy.

If you ever met her you would instantly love her for who she is. Please I have nothing I can give her as we are financially going down. Thank you.

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Mar 10, 2013
Where to find Benefits
by: Don from Accessible.org

Kevin and Monica,

There are several funding sources available that many do not know about. If you follow the instructions you find at the link below, you'll be able to find out what benefits you are entitled to, based on your particular qualifications and needs. I hope this helps! God bless!


Also, if you need medications, you can visit www.needymeds.org as some companies have patient assistance programs.

Good luck!

Don from Accessible.org

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