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Government Grant To Help Remodel Trailer For Accident Disabled Wife

by Carol Love
(Sparkman, Arkansas, USA)

I am 60 years of age. My husband and I have been married for 43 years. We have two sons, the oldest is 40 and the youngest is 37.

We have two grandsons, the oldest being 19 and the youngest 15. Our granddaughter is 18.

Disability Issues

My disability was caused from an automobile accident in which I broke my back, the 12th vertebra.

I worked for CACD driving a Scat van picking up and delivering customers to and from doctors' appointments, as well as other places.

The accident took place on July 30th, 2007. It had just stopped raining and the roads where very slippery.

I had just dropped a customer off at their home from a doctor's appointment and was returning to home base. When I rounded a curve, the rear end of the van started fishtailing, my van started turning circles and then I landed in a ditch.

I was paralyzed for days. Then it took them three months before figuring out I had a fractured back.

I did every thing by CACD's rules and their doctors. When all was finished and it was time for their doctor to give his disability rating, they said it was too high, so they sent me to another one of their doctors for a different rating.

My husband and I decided then that it was time to acquire an attorney. I am now on full disability.

Financial Hardship

We live in a 1300-square-foot doublewide trailer that sits on two acres of land. We bought the place ten years ago. It was 20 years old at best, in fairly good shape.

All electric, the previous owner had it set up with a wood-burning stove because one cannot afford to turn on the furnace to keep the place warm and my husband and I could keep up the place and keep enough wood to keep us warm.

But soon after moving there, my husband became disabled. He has congestive heart failure, coronary artery disease, sleep apnea and is a diabetic.

And on top of that on November 14th, 2012 he was diagnosed with colon rectal cancer and will require surgery.

On top of this my 80-year-old mother has had to move in with us. She has severe scoliosis and degenerative disk disease.

We did some remodeling on the house but our money did not go far.

Income Efforts

My husband and I are on disability and my husband has some retirement income and my mom has some retirement and Medicare.

Family members do not have any money to speak of and those that do have sent some to help out with our stay at MD Anderson, in Houston, TX. Friends have helped out as well.

We refinanced the house, but nowadays you can't get much on a trailer house that old.

Specific Needs

My wish is that somehow I can get enough to build, buy or finish remodeling, making our home larger, more energy efficient and handicap accessible.

We are no longer able to carry wood never mind to get it cut and split.

The place is getting old and run down. We're unable to keep up the repairs on it. And we can't afford the repairs as well.

We had some money, but we had a child that is addicted to drugs and has cost us all we had the last few years. We have had to make him leave our home it got so bad.

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