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Government Grant Will Help Disabled Single Mother Create Daycare Center

by Rebecca Nakanwagi
(Kampala, Kampala, Uganda)

I am a single mother aged 47 years. We are four children in our family. My father died; my mother is still alive, but very old.

I have two children both boys: one aged 22 and the other 13.

The father of my children denied responsibility for them in fear of public opinion.

I was educated only to secondary level. This was due to the death of my father.

Disability Issues

According to my mother, my disability began when I had just started walking.

My backbone is curved (a big harp appears at the back), my right leg is limping and my left hand is weakened at the upper joint.

All this makes my movement very difficult. I need the support of a walking stick.

Financial Hardship

I stay in a rented house of three rooms for which I pay more money.

I have to pay tuition to my two children.

From home to my place of work I use public transport which makes my life so difficult moving from one vehicle to another.

When it rains, things become complicated. At times I reach my place of work late.

Hospitals are very far also. I go by public means. Going to the market, I use motorcycles to take me there and back.

Income Efforts

I have a small job that pays me but it not enough to provide for everything I need.

I want to start a day care home but I luck funds.

Specific Needs

I am seeking a grant to enable me to start a daycare center that wil generate more income for me.

For this I need a well-furnished house.

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Feb 08, 2016
Time to move on to the Workbook
by: Don from Ability Mission


The help comes when you go through the Workbook methodically. Have you done that yet?

Best regards,
Don Coggan

Feb 08, 2016
My help
by: Rebecca Nakanwagi

I sent you my request some time back 2014. Since then I have never been helped. Please, let me know your proceedings about my requests. I am so much worried.
Thank you!

Mar 10, 2014
by: Rebecca Nakanwagi

Thank you Don at Ability-Mission.org for this. You started to help disabled people like me. As you very well know that people with disabilities are very much marginalized wherever we are, we feel happy when there is people who thought about helping the needy.

Once again I thank you for the publicity you have put on my story to be shared by other people with a good heart. I very much have hope in this because I have tried for help but I have never got any response from them. I hope one day I will be relieved from money stress.

God bless you!

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