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Government Grants For Business Minded People With Disabilities

Do government grants for business actually exist? Can a disabled person apply for and get special assistance to build a business? Absolutely! And we can help you... all without charging a penny.

Available government grants do indeed include money (and many other forms of help) for businesses. The entrepreneurial minded person CAN access public funding of some sort or another.

  • Note 1. Although Ability Mission is designed to serve the disabled, this page has business grant information that is general in nature. You'll find it useful whether you are disabled or not.
  • Note 2. We use "business grant" and other terms with the word grant simply because that's the language everyone uses. In fact, it means any kind of help a budding entrepreneur might be seeking.
  • Note 3. People hope for a business grant, thinking it will help pay off their debts. This is a MONSTER mistake. Don't do that!

How can you get our free help in your quest for a government business grant? Just include your entrepreneurial idea in the story you submit to us. Go to the Disability Help Guide page to get started.

Grants To Start A Business?

In spite of the hype, there's actually no such thing as government grants to START a business in the sense of providing venture capital. If there were, that would make our governments the biggest venture capitalists in the world!

The fact is we get seduced by the commercials on television and the Internet. Their misleading wording feeds our false hopes.

What IS available is business help (coaching, training, money-in-kind, money, etc.) to meet specific (usually social) objectives.

For example, a state might offer incentives to businesses that open in run-down areas the state wants to revive. The incentive could be free or reduced-cost office/manufacturing/storage space.

No matter what the type of subsidy, your business idea must be solid enough to work on its own without the help of a grant!

This is actually a good thing because you always want your business to be strong enough to survive on its own, not be dependent on grants.

How Much Money Is Available?

The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services (HHS) oversees all grants awarded by federal government agencies. HHS recognizes several classes of recipients. The following HHS report shows, for fall 2013, the number and dollar value of grants awarded to each type of recipient.

Image of table showing grant awards by Health and Human Services 2013

Although HHS updates the figures almost continuously, the distribution and magnitude stay about the same and that's the important thing.

This table shows clearly that there IS a huge amount of grant money being given out by the federal government and a good chunk for businesses.

It also shows that very little personal grant money goes directly to individuals. In fact, the grant money actually goes to other organizations who then redistribute it.

So, if you're looking for a government business grant, you will more likely apply for it to an agency that is NOT federal. It's more likely that you'll apply to a program run by your state, county, city or a non-profit.

The trick is to use a private database to find a granting agency that offers a program closely matching what you're looking for.

Wherever you apply for assistance, you'll have to make your case in writing. This is especially important when it comes to government grants for businesses. And this is where we can help you in a very concrete way.

How We Help You – At No Cost

It's simple. You tell your story. We polish it. It becomes the basic written material you need to start your quest for a business grant or any other type of help you need to get yourself in business.

Be sure to follow all the tips on our Disability Help Guide page. This is the only way for your story to have impact and really get results for you.

That's all there is to it! It's very simple and there's absolutely no cost to you! You'll get your story noticed and you'll get invaluable experience and help in writing government grants for businesses.

With the help you get from countless readers of your story, you definitely increase your chances of getting better access to just about all types of government grants for businesses. So, are you...

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