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Government Grants To Help Accident Disabled Artist With Multiple Disabilities

by Rique' Gallardo
(Aurora, Colorado, USA)

I am a 53-year-old male of American Indian and Spanish descent. I am a multi-medium artist, with a lifetime of experience.

I have been employed as an artist, an auto mechanic assistant shop foreman, a shipping and receiving warehouse manager, a skycap supervisor, a professional handyman, a forklift operator and a self-employed general contractor.

I have a daughter and a son, who are now young adults and on their own. My daughter is married. I have no grandchildren and no spouse and/or girlfriend.

Disability Issues

My official disability status is permanently disabled.

I was involved in an auto accident in January 2006. It was the fault of a driver running late for her college class.

I was T-boned on the driver's side, which totaled my vehicle. Last thing I remembered was a paramedic telling me, "We can't force you to go to emergency; however, your lips are turning purple." I then passed out.

The accident has caused me a lot of physical, emotional and mental pain. This includes, but is not limited to:

- chronic pain, neurological injuries and problems, migraine headaches, neck and back pain, pain and numbness to my legs, feet and hands

- spinal injuries, limited mobility, post traumatic depression, post traumatic stress, anxiety attacks, anti social behavior, constant nightmares and more.

My injuries have caused me losses and emotional scars. My ability to create is not like it was prior to the accident.

At times, I have difficulty completing tasks and conversations. I have become anti-social due to my insecurities caused by this accident.

I do however, maintained the strength to get better and put my life back together and will continue to strive for my goal.

Financial Hardship

My financial issues are unbelievable. I feel my strong faith in God and prayer has been the reason I still exist.

I receive monthly income through SSDI, which is a total of $987. It helps, but is not nearly enough to pay my rent, utilities and phone service.

I do not have reliable transportation, and have not been able to make appointments because I know I cannot make the scheduled appointment.

I will take a taxi whenever possible. As for the bus, the bus stop is about eight blocks from my home and very painful and difficult for me to walk to it.

I am in desperate need to see a doctor for help and medications. Without funds and transportation, it is impossible.

Income Efforts

I currently receive monthly payments from SSDI and food stamp assistance.

I have applied for SSI and was denied.

I do not have family or friends who visit or inquire about my well being, so that option is not available to me.

On a few rare occasions, I have received minimal pay for my artistic abilities.

My attempts to get assistance from church donations have not been unsuccessful due to their limited budgets and where funds are distributed initially.

Specific Needs

I am seeking any and all grants, benefits and advice that may lead to improvements in my situation.

I am also seeking grants that would assist me in my future endeavors. I would like to start up a drive-through convenience store, so any advice and/or financial assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Business Idea

I would like to start up a drive-through convenience store with gas pumps. I noticed a couple of years ago that there were none in Aurora or Denver Colorado.

I feel that this could be the beginning of a in-demand franchise. I have researched my idea and feel very satisfied with the results.

I have experience in business management and administration, shipping and receiving, inventory control, customer service, marketing, money management, and have trained, and supervised employees.

I feel that all of my skills and experiences would be beneficial and rewarding to my business.

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Nov 25, 2013
Hope is in the mirror
by: George Starcher

I have some of the same problems as you. When I start feeling pain I try to do something else. This helps to take my mind off my pain. If you have a business you will not get SSDI or SSI. They take a dim view of that. With SSDI you can make some extra money but SSI will not let you at all. If you start a business please let the government know so you will not have a clamp on your bank account. If you start a business you have to do every job until you make enough money to hire help. If you want SSI you will need a lawyer to apply for you. My suggestion is your God-given talents as an artist. Start making a notebook with sketches, paintings. If you like to airbrush do that too. If you're good at airbrushing on cars you can make lots of money. I once got a job as a mechanic without a car. I got the job and the man who hired me loaned me a car which I eventually bought on payments. I pray that God will do that for you. Get a book called "Grants for Dummies." This book will open your eyes. God bless and keep praying.

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