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Government Housing Grant For Misaligned Hip Disabled Divorced Man

by Michael Wells
(Portland, OR, USA)

I am a 43-year-old divorced man. I was married for 17 years and divorced in 2008.

I was born with my disability. My right hip is higher than my left. They performed surgery when I was two to try and correct the problem.

I was in a full body cast for two years after that. They said I would likely be in a wheelchair by the time I was 30. I'm now 43 and still walking although with a cane.

I am on SSI and receive $735 per month. I have been getting SSI since 1991. My disability won't get any better. But I am fighting to not let it get any worse.

The $735 a month from SSI isn't near enough to cover all I need month to month. At least one bill per month always goes unpaid or paid late.

I have to pay for bus transportation by the trip because there is not enough after paying bills to get a bus pass.

I have tried several ways to make extra money to help cover those costs. I have looked into work-at-home deals, done telemarketing and worked in fast food.

I was released from my fast food job cause I was not moving fast enough to get the food out.

Telemarketing was overbearing. Trying to get someone to say yes to buy something over the phone just didn't seem right. If the prospect would tell me no, I would accept that and move on to the next call.

My boss overheard me doing this and fired me because I didn't get the customer to say no three times before moving on to the next call.

I now travel from Portland Oregon out to Gresham Oregon twice a week to donate plasma. That's an extra $58 dollars a week when I can do it every week.

Some weeks I can't because I don't feel good. But I try and get out there to donate as often as I can.

I was hoping for a grant or a way to help me make up for what my SSI check won't cover.

My girlfriend and I live in what my mother calls sub-standard housing. It's a one-bedroom apartment with no heating vents and a toilet that doesn't flush.

To heat the apartment in the winter I use the oven, which sends the utility bill through the roof. To flush the toilet I use a five-gallon bucket.

I pay $425 per month for the place and I am thankful to have it. I'm just hoping to make things better. Thank you.

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Dec 23, 2011
by: Judi

I am disabled and I live in CA. I am not sure how your state works on housing, but in CA if you go online and Google "HUD Housing" you will find a website that offers all kinds of help with housing. You need to put "apartments to rent" in the search box and it should bring up a page that will show you a site to find more and better housing. If not, Google in "housing for low income" for your state. Call social services and see what they can do. Maybe your eligible for some assistance. Good Luck! It's hard to be in these shoes sometimes. Keep up the fight! Something will give soon!

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