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Government Housing Grant To Help Disabled Mom And Son

by Lisa Dirker
(Cottonwood, Arizona, USA)

My name is Lisa. I'm 51 years old, a mother of three and a grandmother of four. I have been counted as disabled for the last 20 years.

My 24-year-old son (that I am the legal guardian of) has been disabled since he was four years old. He spent nearly six years in hospitals and institutions. He will never be able to live on his own.

About five years ago, I got an FHA loan to buy a house. The gentleman at the mortgage company was very helpful and arranged for me to get a 30-year fixed mortgage with payments of $700 a month PITI at 6% interest.

At least that's what I believed until I got to the title company to sign all the papers! When I got there, the paperwork said 30-year mortgage with the payment going up to $950 after three years, the payments were only principal and interest, and the interest was 7-1/2%!

The situation I was in forced me to accept the deal or I would have walked right out of that office and started all over again!

My two kids and I managed to keep up the payments on the house until it came time to refinance. I'm not very savvy about these kinds of things and, somehow, I ended up with payments of about $1,000 a month.

We honestly tried to keep them up (all the while looking for a loan or grant that could help us in any way -- all to no avail) but we fell behind and had our house foreclosed on... six months before the bill passed that helped all those people keep their homes!

When we moved out of there, my daughter moved to Wisconsin so then we only had my and my son's income.

We moved into an apartment (the only one that we could afford) but it was so bad there that I actually had a threat written on a pole in front of my door with permanent marker by a gang member who lived next door. He didn't like me because I had asked him if he could please turn his music down.

After a year of dealing with things like that (including having my van "tagged" on by the same guy), my son and I moved to another apartment. This one was nice, but actually too small for us.

We stayed a year there and just recently moved to the small town where my mother lives. She's 80 years old and getting to the point where she's starting to need someone to help her out.

We love it here but our apartment is even smaller than the last one, the rent is higher and we have to pay more utilities too. It's the least expensive complex in town, but I honestly don't know how long we can hang on with the expenses.

In order to keep us going, I will have to go to Phoenix each month (about 120 miles away) and pay the interest on a $500 "payday" loan I took out to get us here, and take out the $500 overdraft on my checking account too just to pay rent and bills.

I would very much like to get a grant that could pay off all my outstanding debt (none of which is credit card debt) and buy a foreclosed home that is a comfortable size for my son and me (about 2,000 sf or so) with a nice little guest house in the back for my mother to live in.

I need enough to either buy a house outright or put a substantial down payment on it so that our monthly payments are below $500.

I don't think I'm asking for too much, but I've tried many, many times to get a loan and with my bad credit and our low income, I've heard nothing but "no" or if I have gotten a "yes," my monthly payments would be $1,000 a month. How do they figure that I could pay that when our combined income is only about $1,400 a month?!

If anyone would help us out, I would be eternally grateful. Thank you for taking the time to read our story.

Sincerely, Lisa Dirker

P.S. If someone who is willing to help, I will be happy to provide all the information concerning our financial situation to back up all that I have stated here so that you may be sure that you're helping someone who is being honest with you.

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Apr 03, 2010
Housing and Loans
by: Katina

Pay Day Loans are breaking American Families!

A close family member of mine is having a hard time with a monthly loan from a check advance place. The interest on that type of loan is about 233%

How about taking smaller loans each month, say by increments of $25, until you're able to re-pay the loan without needing to re-borrow.

Have you tried consolidating the loans to bring down the interest rate? There are organizations that may be able to help.

Check out the American Dream Down Payment Assistance Program for your state.

Thank you for sharing your story.

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