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Government Training Grant For Accident Disabled Man To Get Better Work

by Jesse Moyer
(Beaverton, Oregon, USA)

I am 33 years old. For the past 10 years I have struggled to maintain a job. My back was injured when I was hit head on by a large truck 10 years ago.

The company I was working for at that time was less then helpful. My job duties included frequent lifting. With my back in the condition it was in, it left me in great pain. I had days where walking was painful and difficult.

Needless to say six months later they fired me for poor attendance.

The next job I got was also something I also should have not been doing. Due to my disability the only way for me to be able to function was not to take breaks or a lunch and then just leave 30 minutes early once the next shift arrived.

This went on for six months but then it was noticed and they told me I could not do that. I explained that the person who was supposed to be assisting me wouldn't do it. He would just swear whenever I asked. Because they failed to resolve this, leaving early with no breaks or lunch was my only option.

From that point on they made my job more impossible. They switched my shift to one where I could not get home via the bus as the buses stopped running. They did this even though I told them that a coworker would gladly switch.

In the end I was stuck at work for my 8-hour shift plus another 8 hours after. Eventually I just quit.

I then got a manufacturing job that was great… no heavy lifting. However while there I developed bad blood flow in my left leg. I followed my doctor's orders and took a week off and was confined to bed.

They decided to fire me over that saying that I left a message saying that I was out until further notice but had to call in everyday. I was left homeless after that.

I found a job a few months ago but the bad blood flow area on my ankle turns into a huge painful sore and I can no longer work standing up. I find myself once again terminated due to disability.

This time however I plan to sue. I am right now going through job revocation but I need help covering expenses while I get placed in a job and to go back to school.

If nothing else I deserve a grant due to karma alone. The only thing I want is a stable job and not to be homeless.

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Mar 11, 2013
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