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Grandmother Of Two Needs Grant Money For Emergency Dental Attention

by Mary
(Peoria, Illinois, USA)

My name is Mary, and I live in Peoria Illinois. I am a 52-year-old single grandmother of two young children that currently reside with me part time.

For the past five years I have had an in-home job taking care of my elderly mother. She needs constant care due to a history of seizures and cancer.

I am enrolled in an online schooling program and hopefully will be able to use the skills I am learning in the future.

The reason for my request is that I am seeking funds to have extensive and necessary dental attention.

My situation is extreme and is going to require a number of dental visits and possibly some dental surgery.

My problem started about six years ago when my teeth started chipping off and loosening.

Over the last six years I have lost all of my upper teeth, and I only have eight teeth left on the bottom.

I am going to have to have extractions on all eight remaining teeth because of loosening, deterioration and rotting at the gum line.

I also need a full set of dentures. Due to the shrinkage and bone loss that has occurred, the dentures will need to be anchored into the jawbone so they will not float around and fall out when I speak or eat.

Surgery may be needed to build up the bone on the bottom ridgeline to accommodate the denture.

I am not able to eat a lot of healthy foods because I cannot chew crisp foods. My health is beginning to be affected by this situation, and my hope is that someone will be able to help.

My financial situation is very tight due to my supplemental support of my grandchildren.

Acquiring a second job is not feasible at this time because my mother needs so much care and attention during the entire day, and I must be there for her.

I am her only transportation and her only means of going to doctor's appointments or to the hospital if need be.

She has countless doctor's appointments that cannot be scheduled around my working a secondary job.

I work for a state agency here in Illinois that provides an in-home care program for the elderly.

I am paid for being my mother's caretaker, but pay is based on the needs of the patient, and each patient is only allowed a certain number of hours per month.

In other words, even if I take care of her fifteen hours per day, I will only get paid for ten of those hours.

I am looking for a grant to help with these expenses. As much as I would be willing to, I just do not have the income to pay it back.

I am able to obtain a discount card for my dental work, which will help somewhat, but it will not cover the extensive work I need done.

My income is not enough to afford dental insurance and it is not offered through my job.

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