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Grant And Advice To Help Stroke Disabled Grandma Find Home And Dignity

by Paula Bradley
(Barnardsville, North Carolina, USA)

I'm a single 50-year-old woman that grew up in a poor household in Fairview, NC.

I graduated high school in 1981 and began my first job right after. Then in 1984 I had a son and was a single parent.

My family helped me a lot with my son, baby-sitting while I worked, etc. It's hard being a single parent, but I love my son and he has always been my life.

I thank God everyday that I'm a mother. Nic is now 29 with a little boy 23 months old and I'm a proud grandmother.

Nic isn't married, but he tries to take care of his baby. He works very hard and he and I are going to get a place together and try to get emergency custody of the baby.

That is going to cost $3500 and he is saving his money for the custody costs.

Disability Issues

In 1999 I had a stroke with seizures, which also led to posttraumatic stress disorder and depression.

Because of the stroke I lost the job that I acquired through a temporary service, where I worked hard for three months, then was hired permanently, full time through the company, making $6 an hour.

In the year 2000 I was awarded SSI and SSDI. It was a small amount, but I'm thankful.

In the beginning after the stroke, I had to rely on a wheelchair. I did get Medicaid that paid for it. I had the choice of an electric chair, but instead I chose one that had bicycle tires that was made to go in the yard.

Within two years I was out of the wheelchair and able to walk again, but the seizures kept me from living a normal everyday life.

Then in November 2010 to February of 2011 I had seven mini strokes that set me back. I fought hard to get well.

My seizures are now under control and in the last year I have recovered remarkably. Although not 100%, it's enough that I can function and go forward with my life.

I do not live alone for the fear of strokes. I now have to have the LEEP procedure done to my cervix, for I have high range cells that may be cancer. God forbid.

The procedure will probably take place in September 2013.

Financial Hardship

I am still on disability, but will lose my SSI, because I'm working, although only part time.

It is hard getting back and forth to work, for I don't have my own vehicle, or the money to buy one.

My credit is poor because a lot of times I didn't have enough money for bills with only the low income I received. So I cannot get a loan.

If I had my own vehicle it would help me to get a higher pay rate position at my job. I do enjoy the work in which I deal with developmentally disabled individuals.

I live on the back porch of a friend's house and cold weather is coming soon. I don't have enough money to even rent a home yet and can't get a loan.

Income Efforts

For a long time I spent a lot of time and money trying to find work-at-home jobs. They just seemed to scam you out of money you didn't have to begin with.

I still receive disability income for another year, which is only $520 a month. I do have a part time job.

My credit is poor and Lexington Law is working to better it. I'm not able to acquire loans because of my credit.

Specific Needs

I am seeking help with a grant, or similar. I don't need a handout, only a helping hand up. I really need a vehicle and a home.

I'm trying to get a rent-to-own home in Fairview, NC. I found a place, but can't afford it. I would like to own something I'm paying for, instead of paying for it for someone else.

Even if you have some good advice, it is welcome. I only want to better myself, get back my dignity, self-esteem and a better life.

I want to be someone my son and grandson can look up to. After all, the stroke damaged my son also. Thank you.

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