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Grant Assistance For Hemochromatosis And Lupus Disabled Single Mom

by Rod
(Reno, NV, USA)

I'm writing on behalf of a hemochromatosis and lupus disabled single mom who's a good friend needing help in many ways.

This friend at one time would have been my fiancée. I met Kyra over four years ago in a romantic setting.

We had just begun dating when I got a call from her sister that Kyra was in the hospital for an illness.

I had already met (and continue to meet) her mother. We both have shared stories over texting and rare phone calls.

Kyra, now 46, lives with her daughter who is in high school, graduating this her senior year.

She is a very proud lady and has had difficulties with life. I got to first know her due to her leasing a car from me, which she still has. I have never left her side since.

We are somewhat of an unofficial family never given a chance to mature as we have traded in the early years gifts and presents. I know her daughter Lana and Mother Lorraine.

She was born and raised in Las Vegas. Prior to her sudden illness, she was a fulltime RN working with cancer patients.

I speak for Kyra because at this moment she has literally nothing but the essence of life. When she needs a test she has to solicit for funds.

Due to her not talking to me for more than once or twice a year I have few details but I understand her financial struggle and her heart.

Kyra initially came down with hemochromatosis, an iron problem with her blood. If not treated, you can die from this.

After a year, we had a chance to get that in balance. It struck her hard and seems overnight but had been building up since childhood and maxed out her disability claims.

She had to go to the County and State for assistance, which still wasn't enough. Because of funds she went from 130+ pounds to now near upper 90s.

I ask her to eat but she feeds her child first, now 17, with whatever she receives. Because of her situation I lent her the car till she could pay and have lent her many dollars assisting this first phase of illness.

I was happy to hear she was near maintenance on this program when her doctor tested her again because she wasn't healing correctly in about a year.

We did a bone marrow study and the pathologist said she had lupus, too. We were all happy, then, back in shock.

I am not sure off the strain but it is an incredibly mysterious pain and irritant not allowing her to live freely for the last three years.

She is at the point they want her to do a bone marrow transplant in Seattle and financing that and her living and the food remains near impossible for many of us supporting her for years.

I have given her a cell phone just so she can text to one of us. She is, in essence, a ward of the State Advocacy program. She is at a point where she could advance with monetary help.

In the last 4 years+ I have witnessed with her mother all the medical issues and she accepts them as a champ. I admire her strength through many bouts of depression and personal trauma.

I'm not so sure she can live much more this way so I reach out for her as what she says "more than a friend."

From my viewpoint she has monthly challenges with living with food and rent and the basics for her and daughter. Her ex-husband, Lana's, Father, lives in Portland, Oregon.

Kyra has fought to keep her daughter near her. Her daughter, in turn, is my champion. She does have unknown medical bills. She owes money to friends and family, which she says she will pay back.

To get her to this point I personally as an outside example have loaned her well over $5,000, giving her a car and phone, which the last two are costing me $400 a month today.

She borrows money all the time for different things from others I don't keep track but must be near my costs. Kyra is a proud person and honorable and wouldn't share that with me.

We are more than friends but she draws a line sometimes and I have to respect that. I know she has to be in debt over $20,000 with just loans and that is very light.

She needs triple that to get a footing back into life is my guess.

The car I gave her is basic transportation and I have made many repairs over the years for her. She has no problem taking the bus at times if needed.

The doctor for years didn't want her to work. At this stage, she is being allowed to work 20 hours a week but that isn't 100% accurate as she has episodes of loss of energy.

She is an outpatient with periodic treatments still however, her blood has stabilized to some extent.

She used to live in an apartment and she now lives with her cousin to save money. This is not something she wanted to do but at this stage a necessity.

I offered many times for her to live with me in a spare room and she declined and I know why. My role has been support and always being there. I am afraid what would have happened if I didn't.

She trusts me 100% and feels we are more than friends so I stay on that course with her to see her through this awful situation.

I do know it is limited and her daughter and her live a tough life just getting by and rarely eating at times. It is painful to watch from a distance.

She is disabled to a point where as a friend I have to look wherever I can for her benefit. I often feel I haven't tried enough.

I believe her only source of funds may be with Social Security but I don't know for sure. She receives one disability check a month and that is it.

Due to her illness she couldn't work under doctor orders. She did try sometimes and got in trouble for doing it. I told her sternly to not do anything without doctor consult as it almost killed her before.

She has gotten a church donation I know of $4,000 about three years ago by way of her mothers' assistance. This is the first time anyone has gone out for assistance of money for her.

She has asked for donations many times from friends and family in a tough economy. Right now she can't get her bone marrow replacement due to all of us being tapped out.

She has limited abilities; however, she maintains her State license as a nurse and just recently told me she will be accepting 20 hours of work in a laboratory as a start.

This may or may not work as she can only handle so many hours at this point due to strength and doctor orders. She wants so much to work to independency.

As a very close friend I want for her to gain her life back. She is close but likely needing another year of outpatient treatment.

I would like to see her get back on her feet as a fully working nurse helping others as she has done in the past.

I believe she will never get rid of Lupus but she can learn to live with it.

I think the number for her is $60,000-$75,000 at this stage to care for past bills and go forward as a very minimum.

Also, I think a few sessions with counseling would be excellent to give her the mental strength to move forward.

She is an extremely bright person, capable and has a way to give back as she has with many cancer patients in the past. She simply needs a financial break to breathe, eat and live.

She has gone through a difficult four years with two illnesses that are crippling at a young age. Instead of giving up she fought and I remain loyal and proud of that one gift of hers.

With doctor consult, I believe can get her back on her feet at or over the 90% of normal mark. I pray there is a fund for her.

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